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Auckland, New Zealand

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Auckland Dining

Auckland’s cuisine is known for using the freshest locally grown products as well as great varieties of seafood. World-class wines from New Zealand vineyards are a great accompaniment to the flavors that are known as “Pacific Rim” cooking, an eclectic mix of Asian and Pacific flavors.

Dining in Auckland can range from very expensive to inexpensive, with both ranges offering fabulous food.

Romance is a big part of dining in Auckland. Most restaurants believe in setting a table fit for romance though not always boasting extravagant elegance. Aqaba is a perfect choice; the chef’s specials include a roasted loin of pork as well as kidneys prepared in a creamy wine sauce. Everyone that visits this fabulous restaurant returns for the delicious and unusual list of desserts; among them is everyone’s favorite, the chocolate fudge cake, quite rich and creamy, served on mixed compote created with a selection of fresh berries and brandy sauce. And if you can’t seem to make up your mind as to which dessert to order, there’s Aqaba’s sampler dessert platter, with four different treats, a slice of fresh tropical fruit and a scoop of home made ice cream. Best of all, the prices are quite reasonable.

Another romantic but elegant restaurant is Dine by Peter Gordon, set in the most beautiful atmosphere, with majestic crystal chandeliers and a large fireplace; it offers an array of international dishes including fresh catch of the day and great tender steaks. It ranks high for dining in Auckland.

For a chic and trendy restaurant, there’s Euro, the first New Zealand restaurant to make it to the top 60 in the renowned Conde Nast Magazine. It’s quite an achievement for a restaurant that offers great dining in Auckland. You can eat dinner while relaxing on large leather sofas or at cozy tables by the fireplace. The food is excellent, boasting great international flavors, like risottos, Filet Mignons and fresh grilled seafood.

Though casual, Invito Italian Restaurant will make you feel as if you took the plane and landed in Italy. Here, the chef prepares all types of seafood and pastas, but everyone raves about the fried calamari; what’s so unusual about it is the sweet chili sauce he prepares to accompany it. The scallops are another big hit at this wonderful place.

If you’re in the mood for great beef, Tony’s Original Steak and Seafood Restaurant is a must; the menu lists a variety of meats including venison, prepared in several forms, including kebabs, flavored with aromatic spices. The Pacific steak is the most amazing dish, seasoned to perfection and topped with shrimp and a light sauce flavored with tarragon.

In the mood for Japanese cuisine? The locals recommend Tanuki’s Cave, a casual eatery, offering both Japanese and Asian cuisines; the chef has created a selection of tapas, though with Japanese dishes. In Spain, tapas are small portions, appetizer size, which can serve as a way to savor most dishes. It’s one more way to enjoy dining in Auckland.

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