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Austin, Texas, USA

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Austin Overview

Austin has been chosen time and again as one of the best cities to live in” It’s also been declared the greenest city in America. It’s considered to be one of the safest and friendliest cities in America. These are all testimonies to the fact that Austin is not only a great place to live but also to visit. 

Austin is the capital of the great state of Texas. It’s part of the Southwest which offers a wide array of different cultures and traditions. Austin was first settled in the 1800s along the banks of the Colorado River and it sits amidst four major regions that vary from an oasis of a desert to a tropical paradise. This contributes to the astounding beauty of its mountains, parks and natural pools. Flowers bloom throughout the year, a phenomenon not seen in too many places. Bluebonnets grow wild and have become a symbol of the state.
Austin is for lovers of the outdoors, music, fine dining, shopping and more. With its hot summers and mild dry winters, tourists can choose any month of the year to enjoy the attractions of Austin.
Austin is known as the “live music capital of the world,” given its incredible number of music venues and musicians. It’s also home to theaters dedicated to promoting stand up comedians. In Austin, a sense of humor is considered as important as having good manners. In Austin, there’s always something happening whether it’s a reggae festival or the arrival of a world renowned ballet company. Opera and theater rank high among activities. Austin’s popularity for hosting major film festivals has spread nationwide. Film makers have often chosen this city as the backdrop for major movies.  Austin is also the site of interesting and unique venues like the Enchanted Forest. This huge space is the site of out of the ordinary performances. Among the popular ones are the fire dances.  
Austin’s climate makes it the ideal spot for nature lovers. Running, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking are part of the sports culture. Texas Hill Country is famous for its unique rock formations allowing for bikers to trek through challenging routes. Austin, after all, is the birthplace of cycling champion Lance Armstrong.  
Swimming is at the top of fun activities in Austin. The city offers more than fifty public swimming pools. The most visited is Barton Springs which is the nation’s largest natural pool. It’s located inside the grounds of the Zilker Botanical Gardens. 
Although in recent years Austin has seen construction of large buildings, it still maintains its historical charm. At the center of a list of landmarks is the State Capital. It was once considered the seventh largest in the world. Today it’s part of the National Registry of Historical Places. 
And at night, Austin is magical and mysterious. Parts of the city are brightened by “artificial moonlight.”   
Austin is home to the renowned Southwestern cuisine and mouthwatering barbecues. Visitors can dine at historic sites or trendy avenue restaurants.   
If Austin is ideal to live, imagine how wonderful it’s to visit.

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