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Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia

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Ayers Rock Attractions

Standing before this ancient monolith is an amazing experience in itself. The view you get of it in the morning will definitely be different from the way you see it in the afternoon as it’s always changing color.

Great Walks
Giles Track offers almost 15 miles of astonishing scenery. Trek through valleys and view sandstone formations. Enjoy the wildlife of the area. You’ll see animals you’ve never seen before like spinifex pigeons and rock wallabies.

The Olgas are a must among Ayers Rock attractions. They’re located near Uluru. This collection of weather-beaten domes boasts beautiful red steep sides. They’re separated by valleys and are a must when visiting the region. Don’t miss the tallest peak if you want to enjoy some quiet time bird watching. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of the red kangaroos that inhabit the area.

The Valley of the Winds is another great walk. You’ll come across several domes on your way to the next Ayers Rock attraction.

If you seek serenity, Olga Gorge will be that and more. Locals say that the wind even blows in a harmonious manner so as not to disturb the quiet of the site.

Another landmark on the list of Ayers Rock attractions is King Canyon Walks. Tall walls and the greenest vegetation surround two sections of the canyon. Its solitude and peace give you the feel of what the Australian bush is all about.

Mount Connor is truly another astonishing site given its age. This mesa is 700 million years old however it’s not a monolith. Located west of Uluru, it hovers over the desert with impressive majesty.

And a walk through Illamuta Springs Conservation Reserve will allow you to see more beauty. It’s considered an important site and of mythological importance.

Of the most recognized Ayers Rock attractions is Ikuntji Arts Center. Artists have been merited for their use of color in portraying the richness of the desert. You’ll enjoy the original collections of paintings and drawings.

Mulgara Gallery is home to a vast selection of Australian and indigenous handicrafts. Browse through glassware, pottery, textiles and metal works. Renowned artists like Chris Pantano have won awards for their glass work.

Utju arts are another must see for visitors. Don’t miss the aboriginal arts and crafts as showcased throughout the gallery. A fine collection of acrylics, linens and silk prints portray the beauty of Ayers Rock.

Ntaria Arts is one of the visitors’ favorite venues. It’s more like a women’s cultural center as it displays female works. Most of these include silk paintings. Basket weaving and watercolors are also displayed in other sections of the gallery.

Best on Earth
The Ayers Rock Observatory is said to enjoy a privileged location on earth for looking at the stars. The resident astronomer will assist you with explanations. As you gaze through the large telescopes he will explain the different galaxies and star formations. It’s not to be missed. It’s perhaps one of the best Ayers Rock attractions.
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