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Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia

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Ayers Rock Dining

Dining in Ayers Rock
Visitors can enjoy elegant as well as casual dining at the restaurants located throughout the resorts and camping areas of Ayers Rock. Most of them offer international style cuisine along with fabulous Australian gastronomy. The latter includes products and ingredients for those who wish to venture out and try unique flavors. Emu, kangaroo and crocodile are items you’ll find on menus that cater to a sophisticated palate. The culinary ability of the restaurants’ chefs accounts for the magnificent dishes that result with the use of these unique meats.

Unique Treat
Sounds of Silence are not just about dining in Ayers Rock. It’s a total experience that no visitor should miss. If you’re looking for romance or dining in a unique setting, you won’t find any better than this. Champagne and canapés are served while you await the magnificence of the sunset in the desert. You can enjoy camel and salmon puffs while the sun hides behind Uluru. Once you’ve witnessed this amazing site, you’ll be taken to the other side of the plateau. A table decorated with linens, fine china, crystal and candle light awaits your arrival. Baskets filled with coals will be lit to warm the air. A buffet with Aussie specialties will then be served. These include emu sausage, fish, crocodile and kangaroo. An interlude of star gazing will follow dinner. An astronomer will explain the sequence of the stars in the sky. Soon thereafter a dessert buffet will open. Coffee and after-dinner drinks will mark the conclusion of the meal. It’s a treat not just a dining event.

Sails in the Desert Hotel are home to Rock Pool Restaurant. It offers fabulous Australian cuisine with a touch of continental cooking. The pool in the center of the courtyard adds to the romantic and classy ambience. The pastas and vegetarian dishes are great choices if you’re not into the exotic meats.

Kuniya Restaurant is another example of fine dining in Ayers Rock.
Its beautiful surroundings match the quality of the food. The Aussie chef has taken traditional recipes and added contemporary twists creating a whole new style cuisine. Don’t miss the steaks. They might look like regular beef but once you taste them you’ll savor an array of new flavors.

And according to the locals Longitude 131 is the best for dining in Ayers Rock. The vistas and décor will take your breath away. Sit at any table and get a 360 degree view of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Enjoy
fabulous steaks and seafood.

Tip: the chef has created a sample platter of desserts. Leave room for these small works of art. They’re worth every calorie.

Gecko’s Café has superb food in a relaxed outback setting. Try the pizzas and pastas.

Don’t miss Arnguli. This favorite of visitors serves grilled steaks. They’re not only tasty but prepared to perfection.

Every resort has superb eateries where you can just stroll in after a day of sightseeing. Dining in Ayers Rock is always special.

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