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Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia

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Ayers Rock Overview

Picture yourself sipping champagne and savoring canapés while waiting for a breathtaking sunset. Imagine getting massaged at a world class spa while enjoying vistas of the desert. Visualize the finest dining experience after a day of shopping for the most unique arts and crafts on the planet. This can all be real when you take a trip to Ayers Rock, Australia.

This magnificent destination has been the subject of photographers from around the globe. But no picture can do it justice. Ayers Rock is one of the oldest rocks on earth and the world’s most amazing monolith. Its base is an incredible five miles in circumference and it’s 348 meters tall. It’s a must see.

Ayers Rock is also known as Uluru. This 500 million year old wonder sits in the northern section of Central Australia. It’s located in the protected region of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and it’s a sacred site of the region’s aborigines.

Uluru began to form when the sands piled up in one area of the bottom of the ocean. These waters once blanketed most of the Australian bush.

Throughout the years the weather has beaten this sandstone formation flattening its top. Its coloration is one of the main features that attract photography buffs from around the globe. It changes colors throughout the day and throughout the year. It all depends on how the light hits it. And when it rains, which is a rare occurrence, it’s said to take on a silvery appearance. Parking and viewing facilities have been set up for visitors to see both sides of Ayers Rock at dawn and at dusk.

Archaeologists have been able to pinpoint the time when humans settled in this area. They believe it happened 10,000 years ago. Its native aborigines the Anangu consider Ayers Rock a sacred ground. They believe that the spirits of their ancestors are still present.

Visitors can see the springs, waterholes, and caves that make this an incredible site. The caves contain ancient paintings which speak of the history and tradition of the Anangu.

Ayers Rock is also surrounded by mystery and legends. One of the Aborigines’ legends says that there was once an ocean and a great battle. During the fight much blood was spilled and thus the coloration of the rock.

Nature lovers can appreciate the beautiful surroundings as well as the wealth in wildlife. There are 150 species of birds and 26 varieties of mammals in the park.

A walk to the Olgas is a must for visitors to Ayers Rock. This old neighbor is a group of red domes boasting vertical slopes divided by valleys. Its highest peak is a sanctuary for regional birds.

Ayers Rock offers exceptional dining at resorts and campgrounds. It also offers incredible shopping for things you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Handicrafts, textiles, baskets and works of art can be found in shops and galleries throughout the area.

Don’t miss an opportunity to see one of the unique wonders of the world.

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