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Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia

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Ayers Rock Shopping

You’ll find unique gifts and regional items that you won’t find anywhere in the world. Browse through galleries for authentic aboriginal art and paintings inspired by the majesty of the sites. Walk through Yulara’s shops for carvings, weapons, musical instruments and all sorts of regional products. Shopping will be an interesting experience on your next visit to Ayers Rock.

Shopping Mall
Yes, there are even malls in the area. The Town Center is not too big, but it’s quite inexpensive. It’s the ideal location to see Aussie fashion or buy authentic souvenirs. It’s a fun place for Ayers Rock shopping.

The Resort Shopping Center is the place where all visitors flock to look for comfortable clothing, exchanging currency and more. It’s just a shuttle ride away from major resorts. You’ll find this venue quite practical for quick shopping. Many visitors enjoy the fact that there’s a supermarket in the mall. It’s an ideal place for creating a picnic basket or taking a snack for the hike.

Specialty Shops
The Walkatjara Center is a good choice for purchasing authentic arts and crafts made by the Anangu. See the vast selection of music sticks and hunting spears. Their paintings resemble those found in the caves of Ayers Rock.

Ininti Store offers superb souvenir shopping. However don’t buy all your souvenirs here. Part of the fun is shopping around.

Maruku Craft Company is rated among the best for Ayers Rock shopping. It’s owned by the Anangu Aborigines and the place where they get to promote their works. Don’t miss the creativity in the baskets and textiles.

Mulgara Gallery is another fine option for Ayers Rock shopping.
It’s home to a fabulous gift shop showcasing Australian as well as indigenous arts and crafts. You may even purchase some of the famous glass work by artists Chris Pantano.

Tip: Ask the shop to ship the fragile pieces work for you. They will be happy to assist you and will package it just right.

The Adelaide House Museum gift boutique is another hot spot for astounding art. Some of the silk prints are worth the price. Just think you’ll have original works hanging on your walls.

The Araluen Arts Center is more than just a place to buy crafts. It’s home to superb Ayers Rock shopping. You can meet the artists and chat with them. Watch them as they create masterpieces. Ask them what inspires them. You’ll realize you picked one of the best places on earth to visit.

Ikuntji Arts rates among the top venues of fine art. Visitors may purchase original creations depicting the rich scenes of the desert.

The Sails in the Desert Hotel Gift Shop boasts a nice selection of clothing suitable for hiking and sightseeing. You might even find a nice evening accessory for that romantic dinner.

The Outback Pioneer Hotel is also home to more great Ayers Rock shopping. They boast “Ayers Rock” clothing designs. The prices might be somewhat higher than in town but the selection is extraordinar

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