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Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Attractions

Visitors come to Bali for its enjoyable year round weather, great shopping, amazing outdoor activities and breathtaking natural beauty. You can certainly derive much joy and pleasure from a vacation in this amazing destination; you can relax and get pampered in a luxury spa or trek the rim of an active volcano in order to see magnificent temples.

Temples and Monuments
The most important place of worship and a must see are the Nine Directional temples, with Uluwatu in South Bali, being the most popular; Besakih, on the slopes of Holy Mount Agung, ranks as the most important of all. While in the area, trek up Mount Batur to see an active volcano; along the rim of the caldera you’ll see Pura Ulun Danau Batur, the second most important Hindu temple. These are among the best Bali attractions.

Among the most important monuments to see is the statue of the God Vishnu, as he rides a mythical bird. Another addition to Bali attractions is the Bali Bomb, a monument that commemorates the 202 victims of the first bomb attack in the island, back in 2002.

Famous around the world are the Balinese spas, known for their beauty treatments; one of the most popular is the lulu body scrub, done with special herbs and spices. Its benefits are said to be purifying and soothing. It’s a great way to relax before continuing on with Bali attractions.

You could also go on a boat tour, visit one of the hot springs along the north coast of Lorina or go dolphin watching. On this island, you’ll find many Bali attractions for you to relax and have a good time.

Museums and Galleries
Bali attractions include an incredible array of museums which proudly display artifacts relating to the history of the island. Among the most important to visit are the Bali Museum, depicting the origin of Bali’s inhabitants, their history and cultural development. Agung Rai Museum of Art, displays works of art of distinguished artists like Spies, Bonnet, Hofker and Affandi, all natives of Bali. Several National competitions are held at this venue.

Among other museums and galleries of interest are the Museum of Archeology, Danes Art Veranda, Taman Bullaya Cultural Center and Ganesha Gallery.

Several art centers on the island, considered important Bali attractions in their own right, offer visitors and insight into the people’s religion, legends and myths. A favorite, the Blue Moon Gallery, displays important works carved in wood, as well as in silver and gold, depicting mythological forms guarding important temples. Balinese people usually place these close to their home’s entrance.

Festivals and Ceremonies
Among important Bali attractions are the multiple festivals, like the Hindu New Year celebration which takes place in spring. The day before the New Year, colorful gigantic puppets of monsters are paraded around the island, and then burned in the evening, said to drive evil away.

Mythical dance performances are another must see among Bali attractions. These, apart from being interesting, are considered a special art, unique, like everything you’ll experience in Bali.
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