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Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Dining

You’ll find dining in Bali quite enjoyable, with its magnificent selection of international restaurants and Indonesian cuisine. Though smaller restaurants offer better prices, visitors will realize that given the great currency exchange, even the most elaborate venues offer really great value. You may even enjoy a casual meal from a street vendor while watching the sunset on the beach.

Dining in Bali on traditional Indonesian cuisine includes amazing dishes like roast pork, chicken or duck darkened style, (topped with an array of spices and prepared in banana leaves), grilled catch of the day and poultry in spicy chili paste. Vegetarians need not worry as most restaurants offer fabulous creations including delicious salads prepared with fresh produce, coconut and spices. Dining in Bali also includes savoring on a refreshing glass of Bintang, Bali’s famous beer, brek, a rice wine that is usually sold in pretty clay jugs, and arak, strong distilled spirits, great with any meal.

Several international restaurants have become the favorite of locals and visitors alike. One of them is Slavyanka, in Sanur, which serves authentic Russian cuisine among walls covered with paintings of the Tsars. Its chef, original from the Ukraine, prepares outstanding meals including chicken and beef.

Another acclaimed restaurant is Gateway of India, specializing in Tandoris and kebabs at great prices.

Mezzanine, another favorite, serves great Thai food. The décor is authentic Thailandese, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Tip: Do not miss the beef salad. You can ask the chef to make it as mild or as spicy as you wish.

Sanur Beach Market is known for its Indonesian, Chinese and Balinese cuisine, and serves the best seafood dishes at great prices. Everyone comes back for the grilled catch of the day or the fish prepared in rock salt.

Though one would never expect to find a Mexican restaurant in Bali, TJ’s is a favorite of locals, and boasts the best margaritas on the island. Sizzling fajitas and tacos have become the most popular items on the menu.

Indonesian Specialties
Ketupat in Kuta, specializes in Indonesian cuisine, with dishes like goat kebabs, lobster, tuna or squid prepared in several forms, using tasty and spicy sauces, salads prepared with fern leaves, spinach and eatable flowers. Visitors will love the colorful menu showing pictures of the dishes.

Most Romantic
Dining in Bali in a romantic setting can be truly memorable. After all, Bali is a romantic destination, popular among honeymooners. The Breeze boasts to be the most romantic on the island. You can dine while soft whispers of the oceans’ surf serve as backdrop to a great meal. Soft shell crab prepared with a tropical fruit salad is one of the best items on the menu, along with lobster bisque; if you’re not in the mood for seafood, the pork glazed with tamarind is amazing. Leave room for dessert, and treat yourself to the strawberry tart topped with white pepper ice cream.

You’ll agree that dining in Bali means variety, pleasure and romance.

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