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Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok Overview

When one thinks of Bangkok, images of crowded streets often come to mind. That’s because Bangkok is one of the biggest cities in the world. Yet Bangkok is not just another big city; it’s one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. Bangkok is a place of contrasts where old tradition meets modern and hip. Here, you’ll find the latest fashion trends and the latest advancements in electronics. You’ll also marvel in the beauty of ancient temples and religious sites. Bangkok is a true vacationers’ paradise.

The city of Bangkok, which is located in Thailand, was established in 1782 and it was originally named “Krung Thep” which literally means “city of angels.” At that time, Bangkok was the capital of Siam. Today, the city is built around the Chao Phraya River; west of the river you’ll find a modern version of Bangkok. On the east side you’ll see the original city with its temples and palaces.

Bangkok is a great place to visit any time of the year. Visitors can enjoy hot summers, cool but moderate winters and short rainy seasons. An advantage of its geographical location is that though it rains hard, rainfall only lasts an hour or so.

You’ll never see shopping opportunities like those you’ll find in Bangkok. One of its most popular markets, the Chatuchak, covers over 30 acres and offers over 14,000 stalls of everything you could possibly want or need. You can find beautiful silks, Buddhist amulets, ceramics, dolls and hill tribe outfits, jewelry, electronics, antiques, wicker work, lacquered specialties, celadon ceramics and more. The markets are also great places to savor a variety of fun street foods; wherever you look you’ll see a vendor offering you something to taste; you won’t be able to resist the amazing scents from the array of Thai delights.

However, if a large market is not for you, Bangkok is home to a vast number of large shopping centers that offer something for every one. These centers boast great fashion boutiques, large department stores and even entertainment for the children. At the Siam Paragon Mall, for example, visitors can enjoy Ocean World, a fun attraction for the whole family. You’ll also be happy to know that bargaining at these malls is accepted in Bangkok.

If you’re wondering how to get around such a busy city, it’s important to note that the transportation system of Bangkok has improved over the last few years. A wonderful mass transit system has been created. You can travel by subway or above the city via sky-train. Both choices offer quick and easy ways to get to your desired destination.

In Bangkok there’s much to explore. You’ll see amazing historic and religious icons, such as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This is the oldest and largest temple. A trip to the Grand Palace is an absolute must; you’ll see the Emerald Statue that dates to early 15th Century. Bangkok is home to important museums and galleries as well as beautiful ceremonial parks.

Bangkok is an amazing destination, a place to be discovered.

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