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Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona Attractions

You should give yourself at least a few days to tour around Barcelona if you want to catch all of the city’s many sites. This is a fairly big metropolis and there is plenty to do. Barcelona attractions are scattered all around the city which has decent transportation, including a fairly user-friendly subway system.

Las Ramblas (Pedestrian Street)
One of the most popular Barcelona attractions is promenading down the central district of the city, Las Ramblas. This 1.5 mile district contains some great shopping and even a few museums and a castle. From there, it is best to go to see the houses that famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi designed. It’s doubtful you have ever seen houses designed like this anywhere else in the world!

In fact, Gaudi designed many of the houses and buildings around town. In particular, there is one house called Casa Batllo that is a rather close walk from Las Ramblas and worth seeing. Admission is around 17 euros. From there take a stroll through Guell Park, a city park also designed by Gaudi. The metro even stops there for easy access. If you’re taking the metro then get off at Lesseps (on the Green Line). Gaudi is considered a national hero because of his contribution to modern architecture and his presence is felt all over Barcelona, which includes some of the biggest attractions in town.

The Sagrada Familia (which translates to the “church of the Holy Family”) is yet another famous example of a huge project taken on by the master Gaudi. This architecturally complex project is actually a church that has been in construction for over a hundred years. The project first began in 1882 and is one of the most revered building projects within the city center of Barcelona. As Gaudi died in 1926, he never had the chance to see the church construction completed. Its current expected finish date is 2026. It’s best to see this stunning Barcelona attraction an hour or two before sunset as this provides great lighting for taking photographs.

Art Museums
One of Barcelona's attractions that you should definitely put on your itinerary list is the fabulous museum called the Joan Miro Foundation Museum. This landmark museum costs only 8 euros, and is where you’ll experience an amazing journey through major works of art. It features many of the best works by artist Joan Miro along with the works of a few other artists.

The Picasso Museum is one of the Barcelona attractions you simply cannot leave the city without seeing. While touring this museum, you’ll be able to gain an up close view of some of Picasso’s most famous works displayed throughout 18 rooms. They are arranged in chronological order from his earliest works to his latest. The admission is 9 euros and is a steal for anyone who enjoys great art.

Tip: Afternoon siesta is taken during the hot summer months and many museums and public places are closed through the afternoon hours. Check operating hours first to see which Barcelona attractions are open during the irregular summer hours.
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