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Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona Dining

Barcelona, a costal city in Spain, has a very international feel and because of that, you can expect to find cuisines from all over the world when dining in Barcelona. The restaurants and dining experience is on par with other major popular European cities, offering a full array of choices, and a friendly and welcoming environment in which to enjoy everything from fine coffee to seafood paella. A general tip - dining in Barcelona is really a cultural experience that shouldn’t be rushed.

Seafood and International
When dining in Barcelona do not settle for fast food restaurants if you can afford to splurge a little to sample some of the world’s best cuisine. A great place to start off is at a place called Anima. Open until midnight on most nights, this restaurant is located at C/Angels 6. The fare is on the expensive side but unlike other high priced restaurants, you get a great selection of food – and plenty of it. Try the salad with pears and you won’t be disappointed, and make sure to order the fresh sea bass as well. They have an eclectic array of different foods from all over the world that are sure to excite and stimulate your palate.

Spain in general, and Barcelona in particular, has long been known for the tapas specialty-small bite-size servings of tasty treats. Dining in Barcelona is not complete without a full sampling of all the tapas in the local restaurants. Tapas are small appetizer type foods that are served on small plates. You can order a bunch of them because they really are small appetizer sized portions. The best part is that you can sample all the country’s cuisine in a few portions each.

Cruise Ship Style Dining
Don’t miss out on El Vaso de Oro, a unique dining experience in this Spanish city. This restaurant is located at C/Balboa 6 and is one of the most popular restaurants in town. It’s actually designed as a cruise ship style restaurant with a long bar that serves drinks and tapas with a specialty in seafood. The prices are outstanding and this restaurant is always jam-packed so you should expect a bit of a challenge in order to make your way to the bar just to order some food! But once you do, try ordering the chorizos (small and very tasty sausages), atun (spicy tuna served on crisp delicious bread), or the cubed steak (sometimes known as solomillo).

You can’t go dining in Barcelona without trying the local specialty called paella (pronounced pah-yeh-yah). Paella is a rich and hearty dish enjoyed by fisherman and locals for generations. It’s based on a bed of perfectly cooked rice with several different types of meat and seafood cooked within the dish. Some restaurants offer cuttlefish, mussels, crabs, shrimp and seafood paellas. Other variations include chicken, sausage or a combination of meat and seafood. Can Majo (located at L' Almirall Aixada, 23) offers outdoor seating by the sea and features top notch paella for new and experienced diners. It’s simply a must try.

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