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Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona Shopping

With over 35,000 shops to choose from, Barcelona is truly a shopper’s paradise. Barcelona shopping requires a lot of walking down boulevards and narrow streets so make sure you pack a pair of comfortable shoes – you’ll need them.

Las Ramblas
For a Barcelona shopping expedition unlike any other, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the “5 km shopping line.” This is literally a 5-kilometer line of stores that starts at Las Ramblas and continues along Placa de Catalunya, and then up Avenue Diagonal. Most but not all of the five kilometers are secluded from traffic so you can stroll around as much as you like without having to worry about cars. Barcelona shopping is truly convenient for the pedestrian shopper.

You’ll find all the big names that you would expect to see flaunted in any big city including, Giorgio Armani, Versace, and Cartier. But the best shopping is done at the famous Spanish designer stores. Here you’ll find excellent quality goods and products ranging from shoes, to apparel, to a great assortment of accessories.

Tax-Free Shopping
Barcelona shopping is best for those who are not from Barcelona! Actually, the shopper who gets the best deal is someone from outside the European Union as they benefit from tax-free shopping. As the tax rate is over 16%, this can save you a substantial amount of money. This is for shopping only; payment at restaurants and hotels is still taxable.

Tip: To get the tax-free shopping, first make sure the store at which you are shopping accepts the tax-free Spain refund service before you buy anything. Most large stores do and the vast majority of stores on the 5-kilometer line do as well. Just make sure you get the special tax-free checks from every store that you purchase goods at (you will have to pay the tax right there and then). Then bring the checks along to the airport and get all the tax you paid back before leaving the country (this should be done before baggage check-in).

Convenient Transport
Barcelona shopping has even more to offer with its TOMBUS, a Barcelona shopping bus designed for tourists who need some help getting around. This bus runs up and down the 5-kilometer line and is extremely convenient for getting around if your legs are starting to get a bit tired.

Of course, Barcelona shopping would not be complete without some great department stores, and there are many department stores in this city to check out. Two of the largest ones you'll find are right in the middle of the Barcelona shopping line. El Corte Ingles and Fnac carry everything and anything you could be looking for at relatively reasonably prices. From electronics to housewares, furniture, gifts, clothing and sports, these department stores are quite similar to what you’d expect at home. After a long day of shopping and many hours on your feet, take a load off at any of the small cafes scattered around town and enjoy some great Spanish coffee.

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