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Bath, United Kingdom

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Bath Overview

Set in the southwestern part of England, Bath has been attracting tourists for centuries. It’s not only a site of unique historic interest but also an ideal place to visit and explore. Luxurious spas boasting hot springs, magnificent abbeys and Georgian architecture homes are just a few examples of what awaits you in Bath.

This beautiful destination is located in the valley of the Avon River and is surrounded by hills and a breathtaking countryside. Bath also encircles an array of natural springs where Romans once built their famous baths and temples. They named the region “Aqua Sulis.” It has been a popular spa retreat for kings and queens since the 1700s. This was known as the Georgian era. It’s distinguished for amazing architecture in buildings and gardens. The richness of the period can still be enjoyed today by visitors to Bath.
This period’s architecture is different in that it preserves a honey coloration derived from Bath stone. Unlike slate, this type of stone is more malleable. Fine examples throughout Bath include the Guildhall and the Holburne Museum. Georgian ingenuity is also appreciated in gardens throughout Bath. The layout of flower beds, shrubs, trees and trellis has been confirmed by recent archaeological finds.
Bath is also ideal for cultural activities. There’s always something going on at theaters and performance centers throughout the city. The Royal Theater has hosted international as well as popular local productions like the Shakespeare festival. And a must for visitors is the Ustinov Studio named after the actor. It’s the perfect choice for enjoying drama or classical music concerts. Young people get the benefit of new artists who perform at “the Egg.” It’s named as such for the shape of its acoustic auditorium.
Bath’s climate is ideal for a visit any time of the year. Temperatures are generally milder than throughout the rest of the country. January tends to be somewhat cold. However, you’ll be happy to know that while July and August are usually scorchers elsewhere, in Bath they’re actually comfortable.
Bath is blessed with restaurants that have received international accolades. Its cuisine has always been linked with the city’s history and traditions. One of the most popular Bath breakfast items is the Sally Lunn Buns. This form of sweet tea cakes are said to have been created from a secret family recipe. They were served to nobility, and afterward, allowed to be served in public restaurants. They differ from Bath buns. The later are smaller and sweeter and requested at every pub. They’re deliciously covered with caramelized caraway. Bath chap is another staple of its gastronomy. Selected pork parts are smoked and slowly-cooked. They’re tender and delectable.
Not enough can be said about shopping in Bath. Cobble stoned streets are dotted with quaint boutiques. Their country style fronts are reminiscent of old times. But fashionistas need not worry. Among antiques and other treasures, Bath also offers the latest in clothing fashion.
Bath is also a World Heritage Site and features so many incredible attractions for you to discover and marvel at its beauty.

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