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Bath, United Kingdom

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Bath Shopping

Visitors walk around dazzled by the amazing array of shops in Bath to choose from. They never expect that this beautiful historical site will provide them with as many shopping opportunities as it does.

As you would expect, Bath shopping is highly regarded for its fine art and collectibles. Paragon Antique Market is an ideal place to begin your treasure hunt. Browse through more than 60 stalls.  
Another suggested choice by the locals is the Bath Flea Market. It’s the base for Walcot Street Antiques to display period furniture, glass ware, porcelain and clocks.
If you’re still interested in visiting other Antique dealers, Bath and Bradford are among the best for Bath shopping. Seventy well-stocked cases showcase a wide selection, from furnishings to rugs.
A favorite destination for rare editions is the Good Buy Books. The name speaks for itself. The prices are excellent and the selection is baffling. You can find everything from literary classics to best sellers.
For beautiful coffee table books, head to Waterstones. Their selection is simply one of the best in town.
shopping at the Bath markets is an experience all in itself. Bath Farmers Market, which opens every other Saturday, offers live entertainment, vendors wearing period costumes, fresh produce and beautiful crafts. 
If you’re visiting Bath in December, don’t miss the Bath Christmas Market located near the Roman baths. You’ll sing along choirs of carolers while enjoying mulled-wine. You can shop for all your holiday decorative needs and all sorts of gifts.
Specialty Shops
The House of Minerva is highly regarded by everyone with a sweet tooth and an eye for unique treats. You won’t find better chocolate confectionary than at this Belgian owned store. The hand made truffles and pralines are not to be missed. And if you really want to be decadent, try their excellent champagnes made from 100% Chardonnay. It’s the best in Bath shopping.
Another fine jewel of the Bath shopping experience is Hansel Und Gretel. This out of the ordinary shop specializes in wooden toys, wood crafted angels, antique coffee grinders, cuckoo clocks and other authentic Alpenland items.
For a shop that will amaze you, stop at the Greenhouse. Everything here is made from recycled materials. Whatever you purchase will be environmentally safe.
But for truly authentic Bath shopping souvenirs The Natural Trust Shop is it. They stock works of art, handicrafts and replicas you’ll want to bring home.
If you have time, don’t miss the Artisan quarter for Bath shopping. All the shops have wooden fronts and a quaint old century look. A favorite among all is the Baltarini Outlet. It’s superb for buying the latest footwear trends at discounted prices.

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