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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

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Baton Rouge Attractions

Baton Rouge has many points of interest.  From natural beauty to historically important sites, visitors will always find something they’d like to see.

Unique Fun 
The Blue Bayou Water Park is a fun attraction.  It offers more than twenty heart stopping water rides as well as some of the tallest and fastest in the world.  It’s an ideal place to spend a summer day.  It’s one of the most frequented Baton Rouge attractions by locals and visitors alike. 

Historic Landmarks
The Magnolia Mound Plantation merits a visit.  It’s a fine example of beautiful architecture reminiscent of French and West Indies style.  It was built from moss and mud.  Guests will enjoy the exquisite hand carved wood work, the floors and the exquisite period furnishings.  There’s plenty to see from the main house to the crop garden.  It’s one of the oldest structures in Baton Rouge. 

The Old Louisiana State Capital stands as witness of a rich past.  It was completed in 1849 and is listed on the Registry of Historic Landmarks.  Tourists may tour the grounds and enjoy the presentations and stories relating the city’s history.

The Old Louisiana Governor’s Mansion is another one of the fine Baton Rouge attractions.  Its Georgian style is the creation of Huey Long who at the time of its completion was the Governor of the State.  It has been nicknamed “the White House of Louisiana.” 

Another site on the Registry of Historical Landmarks is the Arsenal Museum.  It dates back to the 1800s making it one of the oldest icons.  With its location on the banks of the river it served as a strategic military installation.  It was of major importance to everyone from the early settlers to the Federal and Confederate troops during the Civil War. 

Military and History buffs will have a great time visiting the USS Kidd and Nautical Center.  It’s one of the most interesting Baton Rouge attractions.  This World War II Destroyer (Fletcher Class) was restored and now houses a most impressive collection of model ships and a refurbished P-40 fighter plane.  It also contains a Corsair attack fighter jet from the Vietnam War and an atomic submarine.

Tip:  The venue showcases a replica of the Vietnam Memorial.  It displays memorials to the heroes of Louisiana who died in combat during different wars.  Allow for enough time to browse through all the exhibits. 

The Heritage Museum and Village is a definite must among Baton Rouge attractions.  It’s originally a Victorian cottage from 1906.  Tourists will enjoy the creative ways in which life in a small farming community is told.  These include visual aids and live performers.   

The Art & Science Museum is another excellent establishment to visit.  It’s housed inside a Circa 1925 Railroad Station.  If you’re an art lover, you’ll like the collection of sculptures and paintings.  And if you’re more of the scientific type, you won’t be disappointed with the planetarium or the space center. 

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