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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

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Baton Rouge Overview

Along the banks of the Mississippi River in the state of Louisiana you’ll find a real Southern Belle.  She exudes hospitality and the flair of a French grand dame.  She goes by the name of Baton Rouge.  If you’ve never been to Baton Rouge, you’ll enjoy discovering the gem of America’s Deep South.  You can visit its colorful colonial heritage, take eco-tours, go onboard a real life World War II destroyer, try your luck at a casino, spend the day at the spa and indulge in sublime Cajun cuisine.  Baton Rouge will please your yearning for fun and relaxation.

Baton Rouge is part of Bayou country.  Visitors can take guided excursions through these muddy swamps and view the wildlife of the region.  You can also see the beauty of the city’s past in the diversity of stately and impressive plantations that sit along the River road.  Or take a paddlewheel cruise on the waters of the Mississippi River. 

Baton Rouge is part of a constantly growing cultural scene.  Its main venues are located in the downtown area and comprise a number of galleries, an art museum, theater, space exhibits as well as performing arts spaces.  The latter showcase visiting music shows, plays and Broadway productions.  The city is home to Mardi Gras, the most famous carnival in the United States.  It takes place in either February or March and lasts for a week.  During this event visitors and locals dance the night away to the tunes of Cajun music.  They also enjoy viewing the elaborate parades displaying large and creative floats. 

Baton Rouge is serious about sports and college football tops the list of favorites.  Baseball, basketball and gymnastics, however, are also very popular activities. 

The city’s beauty is attributed to the different style architectures seen throughout this must see destination.  The old Louisiana State Capital for example is an icon of Neo-gothic construction from the late 1800s.  It was later replaced by an art Deco building just as magnificent in design.  The Louisiana State University houses 250 buildings depicting the uniqueness of Italian Renaissance flare.  Among them is the nation’s largest stadium.   

Baton Rouge is ideal for those looking to spend a quiet and relaxed vacation.  The number of spas to choose from is quite impressive.  They offer state of the art treatments and service only characteristic of the south. 

Out-of-towners will love Baton Rouge cuisine which comprises Cajun and Creole specialties.  Among the favorites is the famed Po-Boy sandwich.  This delectable sandwich is made with a mountain high portion of fried shrimp or oysters placed inside a loaf of French bread.  Gumbo is another item frequently found on menus.  It’s Louisiana’s version of bouillabaisse and just as tasty.  You might want to accompany it with “gator bites.”  They’re as tender as chicken.  
If you want to delight your other senses, you’ll have a great time visiting museums and establishments that relate the city’s rich history.  You’ll also want to browse through galleries displaying outstanding collections of art and furnishings dating centuries past. 


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