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Beijing, China

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Beijing Shopping

Outside of seeing the Beijing attractions, shopping should be at the top of every visitor’s list. China is home to talented young designers who are making their mark in the fashion world. Beijing shopping offers opportunities to buy delicate silks and unique handicrafts. Beijing shopping is equated with cloisonné. This is a creative way by which metal is turned into unusual works of art.

Beijing shopping is also lauded for the array of herbal and tea shops. They’re the home of medicinal cures.

Shopping Malls
Beijing shopping can be enjoyed at large malls as well as at specialty boutiques. One of the largest centers is Sun Dong An, a western style mall, with several floors of great retail opportunities. Prices for electronic products are quite reasonable and make good buys. The glass elevators are a novelty and add a touch of elegance. There’s a large jungle gym in the basement, ideal for entertaining the smaller members of the family.

Tip: Don’t miss the Chinese medicine outlets. The prices are excellent.

For the largest shopping mall in Asia, head to the Oriental Plaza. It’s only two stories tall but several city blocks long. There are subway stations located on each end. The biggest attraction is the Apple Computer Store, selling every possible gadget and accessory imaginable. Several of the fabric shops offer custom tailoring services. You can have a new outfit made especially for you within two to five days.

The China World Trade Center, “Guomao,” is a large mall offering three floors of trendy Beijing shopping. It’s also the site of the first Starbucks coffee. Fashion seekers will find names like Louis Vuitton and Versace. Shoppers line out the door from opening to closing.

Department stores are a favorite of Chinese people. Friendship is the largest and the ideal for great selections of clothing and house wares. It’s also the place to haggle in order to get a good price.

Several areas of the city offer great Beijing shopping. Xidan for example is home to six enormous shopping malls. These are somewhat older in design; however, the fashion is hip and chic.

Book Stores
The largest book stores in Asia are said to be found in Beijing. The largest of all is Wangfujing. It’s located near the Oriental Plaza Shopping Center. There, you can stroll through floors filled with literary treasures. Many of the Chinese philosophy books have been translated into English.

Specialty Stores
The Phone Mall is not really a mall, but a gigantic mobile telephone outlet. It’s home to any brand and any accessory made. It’s worth a visit even if you’re not in the market for purchasing one.

Botao Haute Couture offers the best of Beijing shopping. Employees of the shop are Chinese designers who studied fashion in Europe. You can select a fabric and have your one-of-a-kind outfit made.

Beijing shopping is about handcrafted toys made by 5th generation toy makers; it’s about finding great antique reproductions. It’s about discovering what’s out of the ordinary.

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