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Belfast Overview

When visiting the largest city in Northern Ireland, you'll discover a unique blend of culture, food, history, shopping and more. What was once a small industrial city known for linen production and shipbuilding, Belfast has evolved into an exciting destination. It was even named as a "Top 10 Place to Visit in the World" by National Geographic Traveler.

The name Belfast originates from the Gaelic term "Beal Feirste," which means "mouth of the water." Belfast started as a small settlement dating all the way back to The Bronze Age. By the 17th century, it had officially been established as a town by Sir Arthur Chichester. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, Belfast developed into an industrial and commercial hub. Linen, shipbuilding, tobacco and engineering industries thrived, and by 1921, Belfast had been named the capital of Northern Ireland. Today, this city showcases a blend of old and new, featuring Victorian, Edwardian and modern landmarks.

Once you are out and about on the town, be sure to immerse yourself in Belfast's amazing culture. No matter what your musical preference, Belfast has a variety of venues and festivals for you to catch a great gig. If you're an avid shopper, a visit to the Victoria Square Shopping Centre is a must. Whether you are looking for fine dining or a quick bite to eat at a local pub, Belfast also offers a variety of delicious dining options.

In March 2012, Titanic Belfast saw its grand opening, and has helped the city quickly become a tourist hot spot. This incredible, unprecedented attraction is the world's largest Titanic museum, telling the story of the famous luxury liner in a renewed and insightful way.

When you come visit this amazing city, give yourself plenty of time to visit all the wonderful attractions and hot spots it has to offer.


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