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Berlin, Germany

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Berlin Dining

German cuisine is rich in flavor and tradition. Popular dishes are mostly home-style cooking. Breaded and fried style cutlets, sausages and dumplings top the list. Recently, the influx of Indian and Turkish immigrants has changed the nature of simplistic food to a more creative fare. Dining in Berlin is moderate and affordable.

Most visitors still prefer to taste traditional German gastronomy. The opportunities are vast with restaurant after restaurant each offering great food in unique settings.

A favorite among locals is the Keller Restaurant. Its décor resembles a tavern from before World War II. It’s located on the ground floor of the Weigel Museum. The specialty of the house is Wiener schnitzel. It’s best to bring your appetite as portions are quite generous. Another specialty is Fleisch Laberln. This is a platter of meat patties with a spicy seasoning.

Honigmond prides himself for preparing his great-grandmother’s recipes. These include dumplings and roast pork. The prices are quite reasonable. Service is excellent and the owner makes sure that beer flows all through the evening.

For a true taste of dining in Berlin, don’t miss the Tiergarten Quelle. Home style meals topped with potatoes and sauerkraut make the favorite’s list. The beer garden atmosphere and live music makes this a fun place.

Dining in Berlin on traditional German cuisine can also be possible among elegant settings. Lutter & Wegner offers refined versions of home-made specialties. The veal stew is among the most requested items on the menu.

Tip: Don’t miss the Apple Strudel prepared with a light whipped vanilla cream.

Another great place for elegant dining in Berlin is Donath. Its refined yet understated décor offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. The food is from the regions of Northern Italy. A must is the chef’s papparele pasta with finely grated cheese and wild mushrooms.

Though referred to as moderate choices for dining in Berlin, most small eateries are quite inexpensive. Potemkin is one of these gems. It serves Eastern European cuisine. Everyone loves the selection of salads made from cabbage, walnuts and unusual aromatic dressings.

If you’re looking for more exotic foods, try Shayan. It’s everyone’s favorite Iranian restaurant. Critics rave about the lamb kebabs and vegetable stews. All meals are served with rice, renowned for its delightful fragrance.

A fun place to dine is Blockhaus Nikolskoe. It’s located inside a lodge built by Frederick Wilhelm III, the King of Prussia. Outdoor seating by the river makes it a pleasant choice to dine. The restaurant is known for game dishes at moderate prices.

Influences from vast immigration to the city have resulted in nouveau German cuisine. Curry 36 is a prime example of this. Don’t hesitate to try the Currywurst; you’ll enjoy it very much. It’s a new version of old-fashioned sausage.

Asian restaurants are also becoming popular in Berlin. Of several in the area, Monsieur Dugong, seems to be the most liked. The décor is authentic Chinese and everyone enjoys the variety of dim sum.

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