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Bogota Overview

Bogota is the jewel of the Americas, and features an eclectic mix of contrasts. On the one hand you have modern skyscrapers that are home to international companies and on the other you see colonial homes, palatial government buildings and plazas that serve as reminders of Colombia’s rich past. In Bogota, you have museums that house unique collections and galleries that display world acclaimed works of art. You can shop for emeralds or artifacts and dine on traditional cuisine while dancing the night away. Bogota must be experienced first hand.

Bogota is nestled in the mountains of the Andes range. It’s also the capital of Colombia. Its weather is described as cool springtime throughout the year. So you can plan your visit to Bogota in accordance with your schedule.

Getting to Bogota is possible from any city in the world. El Dorado International Airport is the busiest in Latin America. As the city’s popularity keeps on growing, transportation continues to expand.

Every section of Bogota offers much to see. The northern neighborhoods of the city are famous for their upscale shops and restaurants. It’s the ideal place to find high fashion and superb leather shops. The western end of Bogota is home to world-class universities and parks. In the center, visitors can see important landmarks, cultural icons and historic sites.

To the east of Bogota are the Monserrate Mountains that embrace the city. They reach 10,000 feet high. Visitors and locals take the cable car to the top to enjoy the scenic views of the city. There’s a church that houses a statue of the “fallen Christ”. It’s claimed to be the site where miracles happen and where believers ask favors of the Virgin of Monserrate.

The oldest district of Bogota is Candelaria. It’s a great place for visiting churches that date to the 16th and 17th centuries.

Bogota has been described as the cultural capital of the Americas. Visitors can enjoy concerts, opera, ballet, and drama performances. Teatro Colon is one of the oldest and most elegant theaters of Bogota and perhaps Latin America.

Museums and galleries can be found throughout Bogota. Of the most acclaimed is the Museum of Gold with over 30,000 exhibits of pre-Colombian art. The National Museum is a Mecca of archaeological and historical finds. Of outmost importance among them is the discovery of the Tairona city. Galleries display works of art of local and national artists. The acclaimed Botero Gallery displays masterpieces by the Colombian talent whose works are recognized around the globe.

And not enough can be said of dining in Bogota. Excellent cuisine and service are the common denominators among restaurants. Fine quality beef is at the top of specialties along with regional traditional dishes. Among these is the popular ajiaco (a poultry soup made with potato, corn, avocado and local herbs). No meal is complete without enjoying a cup of Colombian coffee. Its reputation for being the best in the world is well deserved.


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