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Bombay, India

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Bombay Dining

With the growth and popularity of Bombay as a major travel destination, visitors can now enjoy trendy restaurants throughout the city.  Fine dining is no longer restricted to five star hotels. 

Bombay is home to elegant restaurants with magnificent décor.  But Seijo & the Soul Dish is said to be the most romantic venue for dining in Bombay.  Its opulent interior boasts impressive dark wood floors, brass handrails, candle light and the scents of fresh flowers.  The roof top opens up at night allowing you to gaze at the stars while enjoying the flavors of grilled lobster or leg of lamb.  After the succulent meal, you can retire to the intimate bar to savor a digestive.

Another impressive venue for dining in Bombay is the upscale Khyber.  After passing through carved arches adorning the entrance, you’ll be taken into a world of Mughal luxury.  It’s nothing short of a fairy tale. The tables are ornamented with brass candle holders, elegant china and exquisite silverware.  Specialties of the house include entrees prepared on a charcoal grill. Despite the ostentatious ambience the prices are amazingly reasonable.

If you’d like to treat yourself to authentic Japanese cuisine, Wasabi is not to be missed.  It’s described as the most expensive establishment for dining in Bombay, but it’s also said to be well worth it. Sushi and sashimi are served tastefully on large wooden boats and decorated with flowers of the Orient. 

Street Food
You won’t believe how good street food is until you try it.  And of the large number of stands, Bade Miya is the locals’ favorite.  Be adventurous and taste everything from grilled kebabs to biada rolls.  These are filled with chicken, mutton or meat.  They also serve vegetarian specialties as a large percentage of the population does not consume beef.  After you buy your food, you can sit at one of the road side tables.  

Take a stroll through the back streets of Bombay and you’ll come across Trishna.  It’s not easy to find but once you do you’ll realize why everyone raves about its cuisine.  The chef has put this venue at the top of the list of best seafood spots for dining in Bombay.  He has imaginatively created a selection of dishes using lobster and crabs.  Don’t be surprised to find personalities of “Bollywood” sitting at a table nearby.  The décor is not something to write home about, but the food is undoubtedly sublime.

Also popular for its seafood is Mahesh.  The menu features excellent choices for dining in Bombay.  Among them you’ll find lobster, crab and prawns.  The curries and tandooris are also a must.  It’s quite inexpensive and ideal if traveling on a budget. 

For more than 100 years, Sabar has been delivering outstanding vegetarian fare.  Rice and chapattis are offered in unique styles.  Old recipes provide the basis for trendy Veggie nouvelle gastronomy.  You can also taste delicacies of southern Indian cooking.  They’re sure to please the most discriminating palates. 


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