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Bombay, India

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Bombay Hotels

In a city that vibrates with culture and tradition like Bombay (also known as Mumbai), the selection of lodging options is simply astounding. There’s everything from five star resorts to inexpensive smaller properties. And on the list of Bombay hotels you’ll run across those that focus on protecting the environment. 
One of these eco-friendly Bombay hotels is The Orchid. It’s not just an authority in energy and water conservation but the only Asian establishment to hold a certificate as an eco-friendly hotel. With its convenient location just minutes from the regional and international airports, it ranks as one of the favorite Bombay hotels. Set foot into the lobby to find the beauty and serenity of a cascading waterfall surrounded by exquisite furnishings and décor. Next to it you’ll encounter The Boulevard, an outstanding café where everyone can delight in a light meal amidst the aromas of exotic orchids. And to savor the sublime gastronomy of the Indian peninsula, Vindhyas is a must. Its diners read like a who’s who of important celebrities from around the area. As you can imagine like at other luxurious Bombay hotels, the rooms are stunning and punctuated with cutting edge technological conveniences, “green room” features and amenities that bring the Orchid to a new level of hospitality. 
Bombay is also an ideal destination for honeymooners. On the line-up of romantic Bombay hotels the Taj Mahal reigns supreme. It leads in personalized attention and a standard of service characteristic of five star Bombay hotels. It’s within driving distance to the business and shopping sections of town. Inquire about the diversity in styles of rooms and suites. While the Tower Wing bedrooms are modern yet striking in décor, the Heritage wing quarters are sumptuous and reminiscent of a bygone era. Its corridors are ornamented with magnificent works of art and the bathrooms feature marble vanities, brass and crystal lighting fixtures. Business visitors will enjoy the Taj Club, affording free limousine transfers to and from the airport, private registration, complimentary breakfast, bottle of wine and coffee or tea throughout the day. The suites boast unique antiques, original paintings and a private valet to cater to your every whim. And when it comes to dining opportunities, the list is beyond fantastic. There are more than five eateries where to savor Chinese, Moroccan and Iranian gastronomies to name but a few. The Taj Mahal is home to Insomnia, the hippest night spot in the city, where a concierge can arrange for you to play tennis or golf at any time. Bombay hotels are made to impress the most discerning traveler.     
But you don’t have to be wealthy to visit India. There are bargain Bombay hotels throughout. The Diplomat, for example, is stylish yet inexpensive. All of its accommodations are fitted with air conditioning and cable television. The Diplomat houses a Punjabi bistro with a delightful menu. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience charming Bombay hotels.                      
Check into any of the Bombay hotels and feel like a Bollywood star.

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