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Bombay, India

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Bombay Overview

Bombay has been described as “the Asian city that never sleeps.”  It’s a Mecca of shopping, gourmet dining and lately the place to see and be seen.  It’s not unusual to run into celebrities like Madonna or David Beckham.  Bombay, located in the western region of India, has become the ideal vacation destination for many tourists from around the world.

Bombay is blessed with two seasons.  You can choose to visit either during the hot period, which runs between March and October, or throughout the cool and dry months that span from November to February. 

Bombay, which is also known as Mumbai, is home to contemporary poets and writers.  It’s a true metropolis of culture offering everything from theater and dance to music concerts.  The most important venue in Bombay is the National Center for Performing Arts.  It has hosted renowned artists from around the globe.  Bombay is also the cradle of Indian cinema.  In the last few years it has given birth to an impressive movie industry commonly referred to as “Bollywood.”

Painting and sculpture are also represented in a vast number of galleries and museums.  Visiting these is an exciting activity.  Not only do tourists get to marvel in outstanding art but they get to see exquisite architecture from different periods of Indian history.  Bombay’s architectural styles have merited Heritage Conservation awards from UNESCO.  In Bombay, there are art deco icons dating to the 1920s, remnants of cotton mills, fabulous gothic structures and chawls (special Indian houses) throughout residential districts.

Sports fans will never be at a loss for activities.  There’s always a cricket match or an exhilarating soccer game.  After all, India is one of the contenders of the FIFA Cup. 

Shopping in Bombay is one of the location’s calling cards.  It’s the ideal place to find antique treasures.  Bombay is also the site of a large diamond industry where it’s possible for tourists to buy at discounted prices.  In the city's bazaars, scores of vendors line the streets selling silver and gold.  In Bombay, one can buy carpets from Jaipur, Tibet, Punjab and Kashmir.  Souvenirs like colorful silk embroideries, rosewood and teakwood carvings are everywhere from flea markets to specialty shops.  Upscale boutiques can be found along the malls of five star hotels.  In Bombay, anyone can have a shopping experience that goes beyond the mystical. 

Dining is another feature that attracts gourmands from other parts of the world.  Elegant restaurants have sprouted throughout specializing in vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.  Street vendors are the “fast food” of Bombay and have come to be known as roadside gourmets.  Among the most popular international cuisines, Lebanese, Korean, Mexican and Chinese rein supreme.  Tea houses and tea stalls are part of the Bombay culture providing a place not just for enjoying a drink but for social encounter. 

There are important landmarks commemorating important events in Indian history.  There are temples, churches, natural landmarks, parks and other interesting venues you’ll enjoy discovering. In short, Bombay is simply magic.  


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