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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Bora Bora Dining

Dining in Bora Bora is always a positive and unforgettable experience. There’s a superb selection of restaurants as well as other unique options. Sunset cruises are very romantic and allow you to take in some of the world’s most breathtaking vistas.

One of the best venues for dining in Bora Bora is Villa Mahana. It’s situated in a private villa drawing everyone who visits the island. The chef has created what he calls a “discovery menu” giving you the opportunity to sample all his specialties. Most dishes are French with Polynesian additions making it interesting for the palate.

Tip: Make reservations and receive a complimentary glass of champagne. Try the curry sauces made with coconut. They’re among the favorites.

Top Dive is another upscale restaurant. It’s said to be one of the finest and boasts a sophisticated décor. The main dining room is decked out in marble floors, cathedral style ceilings and large windows that offer unobstructed views. The chef prepares sublime seafood dishes. On some occasions, New Zealand delicacies will appear on the menu.

Bamboo House offers a different style of elegance. Although it’s made entirely from bamboo, the interior is absolutely divine. Candle light and hibiscus flowers liven up the tables while the ocean serves as backdrop. The lobster and crab dishes are a must.

And at the Yacht Club in Bora Bora, you can enjoy sublime meals. In the meantime a jet setting crowd arrives and departs in their luxurious vessels. It’s the place to be seen. Pasta with seafood in champagne sauce is not to be missed.

Otemanu Restaurant at the Hotel Bora Bora Lagoon Resort is decadent in style and cuisine. Every dish is a work of art and every bite a gourmet’s delight. Lamb and meat dishes accompany a vast selection of fish. The desserts are very original.

L’Espadon has become popular for its stylish interior and the best bouillabaisse on the island. It overflows the large serving bowl so make sure to save your appetite.

Bloody Mary’s draws locals as well as visitors. The eatery’s setting is interesting. The tables are made from coconut palms and the seats are hollowed tree trunks. Barbecued fish tops the list of best dishes.

Kaina Hut is definitely casual though the food is excellent. Pick a table and feel the soft sand at your feet. The chef has created his own original dishes using local products. Don’t miss the gnocchi. It’s unbelievable.

If you’re looking for excitement while dining in Bora Bora, the Pirate Bar is it. It offers a relaxed atmosphere, good food and manta ray viewing.

Once in a while the desire for unusual flavors arises. Restaurant Patoti can satisfy that craving. You’ll find juicy burgers on the menu as well as exotic delicacies like kangaroo. It’s not expensive and the fact that it’s always packed says something about the food.

Temanuata is another fun place for dining in Bora Bora. Although most of the dishes are composed of seafood, the chef makes outstanding Chinese dim sum.

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