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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Bora Bora Shopping

Whether you’re looking for authentic crafts or unique gems shopping in Bora Bora promises to be an adventure filled with unique gifts and presents.

Shopping Malls and Markets
If you’re searching for some trendy French and Island wear, shop at the Vaitape Mall. This small mall is lots of fun, and is ideal for finding that perfect swim suit, or stocking up on tanning lotion.

Don’t miss the flea markets throughout the island. The one closest to the wharf in Vaitape is the largest and has quaint looking huts selling wood carvings, seashells and jewelry. You’ll also find tapa cloths. These are beautiful fabrics made from tree bark. They’re usually covered with shells or exotic bird feathers.

Other markets worth visiting include Tiare, China Lee and O.P.E.C. The latter is famous for its selection of black, pink and white pearls.

Specialty Shops
Art Du Pacifique is unique in that it sells authentic Tahitian Tapa paintings. It also displays a nice collection of Marquesan sculptures. Only the most talented master carvers can display their wares here, so you know you’re buying the best.

If you’re looking for original art, Jesus De Navaraa Gallery has the right piece for you. He specializes in three dimensional paintings created by local artists.

The galleries and shops of renowned painters Jean-Luc Peley and Garrick Yrondi are musts for Bora Bora shopping. They both showcase their latest inspirations.

Don’t leave the island without enjoying a fun Bora Bora shopping experience. At Boutique Paiki, you’ll find wall hangings, grass skirts, shell bikinis, handicrafts and traditional sweets.

Tip: The prices are reasonable, though you’ll find less expensive items at the local flea markets.

No visitor should miss Gauguin. It’s not only a great choice for buying handicrafts, but also the place to view his life’s works.

Honeymoon sells everything you’d want for your wedding or your trip after the nuptials. Brides from around the globe have their gowns designed by talented seamstresses who work here.

For those who visit Bora Bora for the fun in the sun Planete Surf is a must. They carry all types of active sports wear. They also have a nice selection of swimwear and sunglasses for the fashion conscious.

Part of the fun of visiting Bora Bora is browsing through jewelry stores. You’ll see out of the ordinary pearl creations. The black pearls of Tahiti have become world renowned and boast a unique quality.

Herman Pearls is one of the better known stores with a nice selection of earrings and necklaces.

Matira Fashion showcases pearls in accessories like belts, broaches and hair pieces. The designs are the rave of all visitors.

Moana Arts is a very elegant boutique selling the finest quality pearls on the island. You’ll certainly receive compliments when you wear a Moana original.

Sibani Perles is also a gem among Bora Bora shopping opportunities. At this special store you can design your own one-of a kind pearl necklace.

Overall, Bora Bora shopping is about discovering treasures on every corner.

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