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Bridgetown, Barbados

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Bridgetown Attractions

Bridgetown is a town of historic importance and is filled with interesting and fun attractions. From museums and galleries to national monuments, you’ll find plenty to see in this town.

 Museums and Galleries
A must see among Bridgetown attractions is the Sunbury Plantation House. This 300 year old landmark is a wealth of furniture exhibits.   It also houses an amazing collection of horse-drawn carriages.
Art lovers will enjoy visiting the Barbados Museum. It not only showcases paintings, artifacts and mahogany furnishings, but also unique historical maps. 
Did you know that George Washington made it all the way to Barbados? Historians say that this is the only place he visited outside of America’s colonies. At the George Washington Museum everyone can learn more about his life.
A most unusual Bridgetown attraction is the Tyrol Cottage Heritage Village. Displays relate the story of the island’s conquerors and liberators. The arts and crafts are simply not to be missed.
At the Red Clay Pottery & Fairfield Gallery, tourists can enjoy the handicrafts. The setting is unusual, as this establishment is housed inside what once was a syrup-boiling factory. 
Landmarks and Icons
At the end of Broad Street sits the second oldest church in Barbados. Built in 1825, St. Mary’s serves today as an Anglican venue for prayer and devotion.
The National Heroes Square and War Memorial are some of the most important Bridgetown attractions. They both pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of many island people.
You must see the Emancipation Statue. This sculpture of a slave with cut chains is quite inspirational. This masterpiece was commissioned by Bussa who prompted a revolution. This is the movement that brought about the abolishment of slavery in 1834.
Another icon among Bridgetown attractions is the Independence Arch. It was built to commemorate the island’s freedom which was finally accomplished on November of 1966.  
Everyone will marvel in the Nidhe Israel Synagogue. It’s one of the most beautiful Bridgetown attractions. This historical site is the oldest temple of the Jewish faith in the American continent. It’s here where Brazilian Jews came to escape from the Inquisition. The temple was refurbished in 1984 with beautiful interiors and hand carved woodwork. You can still visit the graves with headstones dating back to the 1600s.
Almost everyone has heard of Dale Carnegie. This positive thinker was the founder of the island’s Carnegie Library. It’s the first in neoclassic design. Browse through the isles relating local history and architecture. It’s an eye opening experience and among top Bridgetown attractions. 
Another venue that will allow visitors an insight into the past is the famed Law Courts. They once housed the jail and courts. Today they’re memories of English rule. The exhibits showcase wigs and robes worn by Lawyers and Judges for the past one hundred years.
Queen’s Park once served as residence for Generals of the British troops. Today, it’s an enjoyable Bridgetown attraction. This park is ideal for picnics and people watching. Catch the locals playing a game of cricket or enjoy the sounds of Reggae music.
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