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Bridgetown, Barbados

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Bridgetown Overview

People often describe Bridgetown as a shopper’s paradise, an island filled with warm people and a site of fine Caribbean cuisine. It offers great beaches and historic sites that you’ll like be spending a lot of time at. Bridgetown is the capital of the island of Barbados and includes everything you’d expect from a top class vacation destination. It was named Bridgetown due to the bridge that was built over the river. Today this structure is a fine example of modern architecture.

Bridgetown’s cultural scene resembles that of any cosmopolitan city. There’ always something of interest. There are theater productions, gallery exhibits, and concerts. 
Don’t be surprised if you’re caught in Bridgetown excitement as festivals and music are at the core of Barbados life. Locals enjoy dancing and singing to the rhythms of Reggae music.
Perhaps the people’s friendly disposition is related to the excellent weather of Bridgetown. In general, the climate is warm and sunny. Nights are somewhat cooler but still very comfortable. Rain comes fast and disappears quickly. 
Bargain hunters will find a heaven for retail therapy in Bridgetown. A stroll through the city’s center on Broad Street will give you an insight into everything that’s available. There are boutiques with the latest island wear and fabulous gift shops. There are unique jewelry stores displaying the sought out black coral of Barbados. And best of all, there are dozens of duty free venues. They stock everything at rock bottom prices. Camera equipment, bone china, liquors, fragrances and cosmetics are but a few of the items you’ll find.
Art lovers will find Bridgetown museums and galleries to be interesting. Exhibits by local and internationally renowned artists are a common occurrence. Some of the most popular are hosted by the Barbados and the George Washington Museums. The Hutson Museum displays life on the plantations and the production of sugar cane. this allows for tourists to gain insight into Bridgetown’s history.
Getting to Bridgetown is made easy with flights from major cities around the world. 
The best way to get to know the people and the town is by walking around. Begin your stroll on the popular Broad Street, which is lined with shops. You’ll see the majestic English architecture of St. Mary’s Church. 
Continuing along, you'll find the most iconic of buildings in Bridgetown; These are the Parliament and clock tower. They have both witnessed the changes of Barbados. 
The National Heroes Square can be admired while picnicking at a nearby garden. This famous square pays homage to the island’s war heroes.
Bridgetown’s boardwalk by the river is another place where you can enjoy the day. The Carlisle Wharf and Barbados Heliport are but a stone's throw away. Over at the Bridgetown Port, you can witness ship after ship bringing travelers from around the globe.
With its privileged location, Bridgetown boasts excellent dining. Restaurant menus feature fresh seafood and savory Caribbean specialties. It’s no wonder Bridgetown is a world-class destination. 

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