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Brussels Attractions

When you begin to walk or drive through Brussels, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of its impressive layout and architectural styles.  You’ll find that Brussels attractions are truly impressive. 

The Royal Museum of Historic Arts is said to be among the best Brussels attractions.  It features a unique collection of objects from around the globe and from a vast number of civilizations.  It was founded in 1835 and showcases one of the sole remaining city gates. 

Tourists can also enjoy the Royal Museums of Fine Arts among the list of Brussels attractions.  This enormous establishment combines the Museum of Ancient Art and that of Modern Art.  They’re connected to each other by a long passage.  They’re ideal for viewing important works by Belgian masters from the 14th through the 20th centuries.  They also display paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck and Rembrandt.  There are galleries with a wealth of artifacts brought by French revolutionaries and a display of items belonging to King William I. 

And don’t be shocked by the fact that Brussels attractions include the Museum of Chocolate.  Is it any wonder given the fact that Brussels inhabitants, as well as its guests, consume amazing amounts of this decadent treat?

Tip:  If you visit Tuesday through Sunday between the hours of 10:00 and 4:30 p.m., you’ll enjoy demonstrations by a chocolate maker and you’ll have the pleasant opportunity to sample everything he makes. 

Landmarks and Icons
The Manneken Pis is not your typical sculpture.  In fact, it’s quite humorous.  It’s the statue of a young boy going to the bathroom in public.  It’s supposed to represent the obstinate spirit of the city.  They keep changing his clothes and up until today they have more than 200 outfits.  

The Atomium is a unique Brussels attraction.  It was designed specifically as an exhibit for the 1958 World Fair.  It represents an iron atom that has been exaggeratedly magnified.  The nine iron spheres are symbolic of the nine Belgium provinces.  It’s truly a must see. 

King Leopold wanted for the capital of the nation to be among the most impressive in the world.  As such, he instructed renowned architect Poelaert to build a majestic Palais de Justice.  Although he died before its completion, he accomplished this task.  Today this enormous structure stands as a fine example of Neo-gothic design. 

Another icon is the Sin Michiels Cathedral.  It was completed in the 15th century and today it’s the site of royal weddings and funerals.  You’ll want to see the lovely stained glass windows, its towers and the remains of the 10th Century church.  
For Fun
If you've ever dreamed of getting into a Formula 1 Grand Prix race car make the time to visit Auto World.  It displays 450 cars owned by Ghislain Mahy including the 1930s Rolls Royce and the limousine owned by John F. Kennedy.  There’s also an interesting gallery featuring carriages.  It’s one of the most visited Brussels attractions. 

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