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Brussels Shopping

When you come to Brussels, you’ll be spoiled with choices.  There are literally thousands of shopping opportunities to be had so plan well and watch your budget! 

Shopping Centers and Markets
There a number of large complexes, but you might want to start your Brussels shopping at the Royal Galleries Saint Hubert.  This Neo-Renaissance style mall is the oldest in Europe and the gem of King Leopold I.  It was completed in 1837 and designed with three levels.  It features the King’s, Queen’s and Prince’s galleries, all filled with amazing stores, cafes and cinemas.  You’ll also be entertained by strolling musicians.  It’s open around the clock so you can just pop in and marvel in its magnificent architecture. 

In Brussels, you won’t be at a loss for markets.  Whether it’s a flea market or a cheese market, there’s always a handful in every neighborhood.  Vieux Marche is among the most visited for Brussels shopping.  It opens every day and has been doing so since 1919.  Have a waffle and a cup of coffee before your hands are occupied with packages.  They feature stalls filled with vintage clothing, antiques, old post cards and other knick knacks. 

The Sablon Antique Market is ideal for those who enjoy the challenge of finding real treasures.  They carry everything from chess sets to decorative mirrors and tea sets.  It’s a great place for Brussels shopping.

If you want to do your Brussels shopping elsehwere, you’ll have a great time at the Friends of the Flea Market.  It's been around since the 16th century selling all sorts of antiques and collector items.  It’s said to be the only antique’s flea market to stay open daily. 
With over 500 vendors, you probably won’t have a hard time finding something you like.   

Belgian Specialties
Tintin the comic character is synonymous with Brussels.  And at the Bout de Tintin tourists, you’ll find a fun selection of “everything Tintin” from clothing and toys to rugs and school supplies.  It’s true Brussels shopping.

You won’t find a more important venue for Brussels shopping than Leonidas.  In fact, if you can’t find it, your nose will guide you to it.  This fine establishment is home to the top chocolate makers in the city.  Everything from the liqueur filled truffles to the butter creams or caramel pralines is divine. 

Tip:  Don’t miss their signature specialty made with white chocolate and filled with roasted hazelnuts. 

At Manufacture Belge de Dentelle, tourists will find the largest producer of Belgian lace.  They carry a beautiful selection of hand made signature items with antique or modern designs.  You can purchase table cloths, linens, blouses or nightgowns.  Everything is simply delicate and exquisite.  It’s one of the most popular places for Brussels shopping. 

You’ll also find that in Belgium almost everyone loves to read.  That’s why there’s no shortage of fabulous bookstores.  The best one for Brussels shopping is De Slegte where they sell comics, hard to find editions, and second-hand books. 


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