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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

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Bryce Canyon National Park Attractions

Visitors will never lack for things to do.  There are paved roads for those who enjoy bike riding, dedicated horse paths, hiking trails and even shuttles that take you to the scenic spots and campgrounds. 

A must among Bryce Canyon National Park Attractions is Inspiration Point.  It’s the ideal place for artists, photographers and anyone who appreciates breathtaking views.  After all, from here you can see down into the Bryce Canyon formations as well as the section known as Silent City.  The beauty of the colors alone will inspire you and will become part of your memories forever.

But if you thought that what you saw was astounding, wait until you see it when the sun rises in the morning.  The red, yellow and pink tones take cues from the movement of the light becoming one of nature’s best shows. 

You’ll want to hike up Queen’s Garden Trail.  The goal is to reach the rim in order to admire the thousands of carved spires.  And to take in the serenity that the plant life offers, you’ll also want to go up Aqua Canyon.  From there you’ll observe a vast selection of small trees growing along the surface of Hunter “Hoodoo.” (A Bryce Canyon pinnacle).

Another outstanding vantage site among Bryce Canyon National Park attractions is the popular Fairview Point.  It allows travelers to view the mountains in the surrounding areas.  What’s more unique is the plateau of Grand Canyon’s north rim. 

While touring the National Park, you’ll come across rock bridges that formed naturally because of the river water’s erosion.  The biggest is 85 feet long and 124 feet high.  It’s a site you don’t want to miss.  

The Hat Shop Trail ranks at the top of the list of Bryce Canyon National Park attractions.  You’ll have to be in good shape to attempt the walk as it rises 900 feet in elevation and reaches just below where the Rim trail starts.  It’s named this way because it looks like hats of grey color sitting on reddish thrones.  Once you’re at the top you’ll be rewarded with exquisite vistas of the Aquarius Plateau.
Coming down from the Canyon rim you can follow Navajo Loop trail.  It descends 521 feet to the floor.  Along the way you’ll see extraordinary rock forms including some that were named “Towering Skyscrapers of Wall Street” and “Twin Bridges.”

Visitors will agree that the Bryce Canyon National Park is for everyone and it doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is.  At Bristlecone Loop Trail you can go for a relatively easy stroll and witness everything above the canyon rim.  The trail is dotted with Ponderosa bristle cone pine that date 2,000 years.  There’s white and Douglas fir making the journey aromatic and delightful. 

And a path that’s usually forgotten is that of Mossy Cave.  It only goes up a small hill following an old irrigation section.  But once you complete the hike, you’ll find a picturesque waterfall nearby.   

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