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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

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Bryce Canyon National Park Overview

There are some places on earth that will take your breath away with their sheer beauty.  Bryce Canyon National Park is one of those destinations.  This astounding miracle of nature sits in the southwestern part of Utah in the United States, offering visitors unforgettable and unimaginable experiences. 

Even if you’re not the world’s best hiker, this destination is a must see for everyone.  Bryce Canyon National Park has something for everyone of every age, and for every liking.  With its four distinct seasons, you can expect beautiful sunny and warm summers as well as cool and dazzling winters.  Just make sure to bring a jacket for the cool mid-year nights and warmer clothes for the end of year snows. 

This lovely national park offers tourists the pleasure of roadside scenic rides, hiking trails, guided moonlit walks, horseback riding, bird watching and the best star gazing anywhere in the country.  While in most places you can see an average of 2,500 stars twinkling in the clear skies, here you can observe more than 7,000.  The park’s rangers organize astronomy as well as night-time animal watching events.  And if you’re in the area during the month of June, you won’t want to miss the Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival.  It’s such a popular occurrence that an asteroid was named after the park. 

Within Bryce Canyon National Park you’ll find its star, Bryce Canyon.  In reality, it’s not a canyon.  It’s an open space comprised of the most unique and amazing pinnacles that resulted from the erosion of Paunsaugunt Plateau.  The process did not take place overnight, but throughout the centuries.  Water, air and ice helped shape the rocks into majestic formations boasting colors that would inspire any artist.  It’s higher in elevation than Grand Canyon and allows travelers sublime sunset and sunrise scenes.  If you’re impressed by its colors when you first see it, you’ll be speechless when you witness the sun going down or coming up.  And there’s never a worry about crowds.  There are thirteen viewpoints where you can cherish private moments and marvel in the panorama.  You’ll find that the air is so pure you can see as far as 160 miles into New Mexico. 

Nature enthusiasts couldn’t find a better venue to visit than Bryce Canyon National Park.  The forests are home to animal life of all kinds including many bird varieties.  The park also holds endangered species like the California condor.  You can appreciate over four hundred indigenous plants and flowers that only grow in this region of Utah. 

When you travel to the National Park, you’re also privy to dine at fabulous establishments.  For the most part they feature western style décor, a welcoming atmosphere and superb American cuisine. 

Even shopaholics can get their fix of retail therapy.  At specialty boutiques, you can find authentic replicas of Native American crafts, art, leather, cowboy wear and souvenirs for everyone on your list.


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