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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

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Bryce Canyon National Park Shopping

Visitors will find that Bryce Canyon National Park is not just for nature lovers.  Those who enjoy a good shopping spree while on vacation will certainly not be disappointed.  There aren’t any big malls or outdoor markets, but the specialty boutiques will definitely impress.  If you forget to pack the sunscreen or the hiking boots don’t worry, there are many shops offering outdoor wear and equipment.  You can wait to arrive at the park to stock up on camping goods or picnic items. 

As In the Old West
In the times of the old west, the General Store had everything you could possibly want.  The one located inside Ruby’s Inn is no different.  Aside from carrying groceries, it has a section dedicated to clothing and accessories as well as Bryce Canyon souvenirs.  But don’t assume it’s just a few knick knacks.  In fact, make sure you have ample time to look through as you’ll find an exquisite selection of agate, turquoise and quartz jewelry, pottery and wildlife sounds CDs. They also exhibit petrified wood, sculptures and moccasins.  It’s the perfect place to begin your Bryce Canyon National Park shopping experience. 

Tip:  Don’t miss the array of postcards and greeting cards with photographs of the National Park.  You’re friends and relatives will enjoy receiving these from you.  And who knows, they might even want to join you on your adventure.

The Bryce Canyon National Park Lodge also houses a wonderful general store.  Their focus though is on sweat shirts and jackets with scenes of the National Park.   

Specialty Shops
Across the street from Ruby’s Inn, tourists can continue with their Bryce Canyon National Park shopping at Old Bryce Town Shops.  This set of boutiques focus on regional items.  At Canyon Rock Shop, you can stock up on mementos in the shape of rocks with images of the park painted on them.  It also sells candles and holders.  At the second establishment, you’ll find souvenirs for the entire family.  They have baby dolls, cowboy and cowgirl clothing, leather handbags and replicas of Native American artifacts.  Among these you’ll see Kachinas, dream catchers, medicine wheels and masks.  The moccasins come in a variety of styles including natural moose for the ladies and sheepskin for the men.   

Take time to visit the Bryce Pioneer Village Motel Shop.  It’s another fabulous choice for Bryce Canyon National Park shopping.  Their stock is quite extensive with emphasis on Indian arts and crafts.  Many of the items sold are copies of artifacts discovered during archaeological digs.  They’re also made with materials from the region adding to their authentic allure.  Be aware however that no animals or plants listed as endangered were used in their making.  If you’re looking to reward yourself for sticking to the diet, for accomplishing some goal or simply because, browse through the jewelry case.  Every piece is exquisitely designed by regional Native Americans and artisans.  The turquoise necklaces made by the Navajos especially are bright in color and of fine quality. 


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