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Bucharest, Romania

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Bucharest Attractions

The main aspect of Bucharest attractions certainly revolves around sightseeing. This is a city filled with historical sights and rich culture. No matter what you expect to see in Bucharest, you’ll be amazed with its rich history, and in awe of your discoveries as you explore the city!

Historic Spots
Some of the more interesting Bucharest attractions include historic places you can visit throughout the city. There are many famous churches and synagogues to visit that hold fascinating history, as well as areas that have a historic feel (many are undergoing restoration). These exemplify some of the most gorgeous Bucharest attractions. The oldest church you’ll find is the Apostles Church, with some parts of the church dating as far back as the 16th century. Here you will find some fascinating and even a few unusual portraits gracing its walls. Visit Lipscani to see the old historical center of Bucharest, where you’ll discover cobblestone streets that lead to art galleries, antique shops, and coffee houses with merchants standing outside selling their items and bargaining with customers. Don’t miss out on visiting the oldest, most charming street, Calea Victoriei, when enjoying Bucharest attractions. This street has some of the most gorgeous buildings in the city.

Some of the most famous Bucharest attractions are the incredible museums. Visit the Bucharest History and Art Museum to discover roughly 300,000 artifacts in a neoclassical setting. Browse through the largest natural history museum in Romania at the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum, or the Museum of the Romanian Peasant to get a feel for Romanian History. Take in the beauty at the National Art Museum, both inside and out as it’s located among a treasure of historical buildings. It also contains almost a complete compilation of Romanian art.

The city of Bucharest is home to many peaceful and gorgeous parks and gardens that add to Bucharest attractions, the oldest of them being the Cismigiu Gardens, home to many exotic plants and lush green lawns. Stroll through the Carol I Park to unearth the massive monument that was once home to the remains of communist leader Gheorge Gheorgiu Dej, as well as the eternal flame marking the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Visit Herastrau Park and enjoy an old fashioned fairground, a tennis court and other Bucharest attractions.

City Landmarks/ Highlights
One of the most impressive city landmarks you will see, built in honor of Romanian soldiers who fought in WW1, is The Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf), which was modeled after and bears a striking resemblance to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Revolution Square is another must see of Bucharest attractions, notorious for the worldwide broadcasted last moments of Nicolae Ceausescu’s power in 1989. Here on the far side of the square you can find the former Royal Palace (which is now home to the National Art Museum), the Athenee Palace Hotel, and the breathtaking Romanian Athenaeum. In addition to all these gorgeous sights, be sure to attend some of the prominent festivals and events held here, and enjoy your stay!
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