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Bucharest, Romania

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Bucharest Shopping

While taking care of your Bucharest shopping needs, you’ll discover many quaint places that offer art, antiques and souvenirs as well as gorgeous little shopping areas and malls. You’ll be sure to take home various trinkets and treasures that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Shopping Malls
You can do your Bucharest shopping at a number of different malls you’ll find in the city. Visit Bucuresti Mall if you’re looking for a lot of stores with brand names like Marks & Spencer and an American style feel. Stop by Carrefour and Salinger’s at Feeria Shopping Center, a large shopping center across from IKEA. Baneasa shopping city is a great place to find things you won’t find at any other mall when doing your Bucharest shopping, like Next, Cloppenber, Peek, Apple and much more. Browse through City mall, a fairly new mall with tons of shops, a children’s play area on the top floor, and underground parking. Visit Liberty Center, located in the south-west of the city, to browse around the latest mega-mall. Here you’ll discover tons of great shops, common fast food restaurants, a seven screen cinema, and a small ice rink. Jolie Ville Mall, a new mall in Baneasa/Papera, is definitely a spot you want to include in your Bucharest shopping if you’re looking for high end retail outlets like Versace, Boss and Max Mara.

Tip: If you are far from the city center, getting to and from Baneasa shopping city can be a bit difficult on the weekend. It’s best to go there mid week.

Shopping Areas

Come and stroll down the quaint cobblestone roads that make up the Old Historic Center of Bucharest, the Lipscani district, on your Bucharest shopping endeavor. Here you’ll discover a jumble of streets that contains a mixture of many cultures and styles with merchants selling their things and bargaining with customers from their doors. Visit one of the large numbers of traditional markets, like Ober, where you’ll find over a dozen city blocks with stores, as well as a large number of other stores that aren’t even officially part of the market.

Gift and Souvenir Ideas
If you’re looking for some fun Romanian goodies and treats to take back home, be sure to include some items like Romanian Monopoly in your Bucharest shopping. This game can be found in most toy and book stores throughout the city. Or bring home some Romanian folk costumes for the kids or for anyone who would add them to a prized collection. You can even find lots of great gifts at the museum shop of the National Peasant Museum. Or take back some official shirts of the most successful club, Steaua Bucharest, from the Nike Outlet found in Bucuresti Mall, Orhideea, or Unirea. You’ll also find unofficial versions of the same brands in other spots while doing your Bucharest shopping.

Whatever you find during your Bucharest shopping extravaganza, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face with unforgettable memories of beautiful Bucharest!

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