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Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest Attractions

In Budapest the shores of the Danube, the architecture, and the culture all come together to bring you an experience like no other. You can visit historical spots, go for a walk along the Danube, or the streets of Buda and Pest, go see the Budapest Parliament buildings, or browse through the markets and take in the culture. There are a huge number of great Budapest attractions that you can’t miss.

So how do you get around to the different Budapest attractions? The best way to get around is with the Budapest Metro (BKV). Within the most populated part of the city you will find a Metro stop every 400 meters. There are also buses that will take you to pretty much any of the worthwhile Budapest attractions and, if all else fails, take a taxi. Taxis might be on the pricier side, but you always have the option of splitting the fare with others.

Tip: While in Budapest you will have to cross back and forth across the Danube from Buda to Pest to see all of the different Budapest attractions. On your way, stop to see the Chain Bridge—the first stone bridge build over the Danube.

Castle Hill
Castle Hill is filled to the brim with Budapest attractions. The cobblestone streets of Castle Hill are jam-packed with interesting sites including landmark buildings, beautiful architecture and charming cafés. Famous Budapest attractions in Castle Hill include the Royal Palace, the Fisherman’s Bastion that dates back to the Middle Ages and the 700 year-old Matthias Church.
Tip: There is so much to see in Castle Hill that you may want to plan to spend a couple of days there. One day just isn’t enough.

Some of the best Budapest attractions are the museums. One favorite is the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts. This museum, with work from artists all over Europe is famous internationally.
You will find a variety of other museums as well including the Historical Museum of Budapest, the Hungarian Natural History Museum, an agricultural museum, a literary museum and more.
Tip: In addition to museums, you can visit a variety of historical churches and chapels to get a true sense of Hungarian culture and architecture that spans over the last few centuries.

Memento Park
Memento Park is perhaps the oddest Budapest attraction that you’ll visit. It’s filled with giant figures that remain from the Communist era. These large figures once lined the streets of Budapest but have since been banished into this outdoor memorial of Communist times.

Budapest Baths
After a long day of going to see different Budapest attractions, why not relax in a Turkish-style bath? Try the Gellert Baths, which are located in Budapest’s Gellert Hotel in Buda. Men and women can either choose to bathe separately or together.
Tip: Kids and adults alike will enjoy the outdoor wave machine in the Gellert Baths.
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