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Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest Dining

Dining in Budapest covers all tastes of the world including Italian, Japanese, Chinese and even Mexican food. Hop into a self-serve restaurant for a quick Hungarian goulash, sit in a fancy restaurant, or head out for a late night bite.

Hungarian Cuisine
Hungarian cuisine is not just goulash. Hungarian dishes ahave a flavor all of their own, distinctive by their mix of spices, often mixed with eggs, onions, sour cream, butter and even wine. Local produce is superb, as is the local selection of meat and fish used for making traditional Hungarian meals like pan-fried goose liver, fillet of pike and fish soup. For adventurous Hungarian dishes, a favorite choice is Biarritz in Pest, located next to the Hungarian Parliament. This is not to be missed when dining in Budapest.

Tip: For a great starter at Biarritz, try the Surumi fish with shrimp sticks.

Cheap Eats
Dining in Budapest doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you're looking for a cheap meal on the go then you should hit one of Budapest’s old-style self-service restaurants. If you are prepared for a true Hungarian experience, hit Kisharang Étkezde in downtown Budapest — a small, inexpensive restaurant with hearty Hungarian dishes. The place is small with only a few tables (prepare to share your table with other diners), but the food offers a lot of bang for your buck.

If you prefer cheap vegetarian dining, then check out Fozelékfaló. Try some Fozeléks, a typical Hungarian dish of vegetables simmered in water and thickened with sour cream and roux.

Fine Dining

If you are looking for a place to have a nice, romantic dinner when dining in Budapest, then head over to the New York Café. This café was once one of Budapest’s most famous café hangouts for poets and playwrights, but was destroyed when a Russian tank rammed into it in 1956. However, it was recently restored by the Italian Boscolo Luxury hotel group as part of the New York Palace Hotel and is now a must-see for all visitors to Budapest. The menu includes delicious Italian cuisine, plus a mix of local Hungarian dishes.

Tip: While dining, be sure to note the stunning backdrops and atmosphere by designer Adam D. Tihany.

Late Night

Looking for a great bar or pub to relax in after a long day of sightseeing? Amstel Bar offers a great selection of beers and is open all night. If you’re hungry, check out Cactus Bar, a Wild West theme bar in Pest serving Tex-Mex style food all night long.

Tip: Many of Budapest’s late-night spots have live music with special events planned, so call ahead to find out if seating is available.

When dining in Budapest, you will find that most restaurants have menus available in English and they also accept most Credit Cards so you should have no problems ordering or paying.

Tip: Always check your bill carefully. Unfortunately, overcharging tourists is not an uncommon practice in Budapest.

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