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Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest Overview

Budapest is one of the most beautiful and magnificent cities in the world. Budapest is filled with an endless number of restaurants, attractions, shopping and more. With the impressive Danube River traveling down its center, Budapest is known as “Queen of the Danube.” The city’s history, in which it went to a Celtic settlement to one occupied to the Romans to Hungarian control, then Turkish control, then back to Hungarian again, has created a rich and diverse culture that is like no other in the world.
The city of Budapest was established on November 17, 1873 when the cities Buda and Pest, located on either side of the Danube River, merged. Though the two cities merged to form the single city of Budapest they are both still quite different in their makeup, landscape and attractions.

Buda, on the West bank of Budapest, is charming with gently rolling hills, cobblestone roads and medieval architecture. This Western side of the city is known for the Royal Palace, galleries, museums, and churches including the historical 700 year old St. Matthias Church and more.

Pest, on the East bank of Budapest, is the commercial center of the city. A mixture of fashionable shopping centers and markets, wide boulevards and a mix of different architectural styles of buildings and squares including the famous Heroes’ Square, a square located at the corner of Andrássy Avenue, give Budapest a unique Hungarian charm.

When visiting this city, it’s hard not to think of the violent history of invasions, occupations and wars that have shaped and formed Budapest into the beautiful hub of culture that is it today. Walk the streets and take in the culture at just about every corner. Walk past sidewalk cafés where you can find traditional Magyar cuisine such as delicious Hungarian Goulash; take a boat cruise on the Danube; lounge in one of the bathhouses that still remain from the time Budapest was under Turkish control; and visit the small shops and markets selling souvenirs and current fashion.

In Budapest, there’s always something to do, whether you are traveling with your family, searching for an exciting festival or looking for a romantic getaway for two. Looking for a festival? Come for the Sziget rock festival or the Summer Classical Music Festival. Prefer sports? Budapest hosts the Formula One Grand Prix in August each year. Visit the opera, the museums and the historical landmarks or just relax in the renowned spas and baths. Whatever your mood, you’ll find something to do in this beautiful and diverse city.

Snow is common in Budapest during the winter, so if you don’t mind the cold, brisk weather and you enjoy winter sports, then Budapest might be the perfect destination for you. However, most tourists choose to visit Budapest during the warmer months of April through September, as that is when the city is ripe with festivals and events. But no matter what time of year you choose to visit, you’ll find that Budapest has everything to offer, from great shopping, a mix of restaurants for every palate and more attractions than you’ll have time to visit in just one trip!

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