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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires Dining

Dining in Buenos Aires is all about savoring world-renowned beef. But travelers who are vegetarians need not worry. The city has an array of fabulous restaurants catering to every taste.

A must for all meat lovers is the famous Asado. It consists of several cuts of beef cooked on an open fire or special grill. Specialties include chorizos, black pudding, chitterlings, sweetbread and other organs. Ribs and flank steak are added toward the end. Baby goat is sometimes used instead. The meal is accompanied by bread, salad and grilled eggplant. Chimichurri is placed on every table as a seasoning for vegetables and potatoes.

Dining in Buenos Aires can be done in style at many of the venues that represent old European elegance or new Argentinean chic.
One of the most expensive restaurants in the city is Cabana las Lilas. The prices are truly worth the food. Purebred cattle raised in the restaurant’s private ranch provide the beef.

Another elegant spot for an evening on the town is Bice. Its creative Italian cuisine is a delight. Specialties include black pasta topped with seafood, and risottos.

Tip: Don’t leave without trying the desserts. Among these are gelatos and exotic fruit flavored mousses.

Petanque is a classic French and Argentinean brasserie offering a casual and relaxed environment with touches of elegance. The food is a fusion of both cuisines. You can savor fabulous beef with traditional French sauces. A great example is the beef topped with a light Bearnaisse sauce.

A favorite among literary figures is Richmond Restaurant. It’s Classy and refined. It has been the perfect site for afternoon tea since 1917. Locals enjoy an afternoon of Chess or Backgammon while others savor light lunches in the dining room.

Casual dining in Buenos Aires is different. There’s always good food involved as well as tango or soccer memorabilia. La Brigada is a great place to experience a perfectly cooked asado. It’s said that the beef is so tender you don’t need a knife. The owner of La Brigada boasts the largest collection of soccer memorabilia in the city.

El Cuartito is another fun place to enjoy walls with images of boxers and soccer players. Everyone enjoys the empanadas. These are flour or corn pockets filled with everything but the kitchen sink. The most popular ones are filled with beef, chopped eggs, rice and olives.

Locals come from all throughout the city to Del Establo. The asados are inexpensive and the décor is all about horses and horse stables.

Other international flavors include authentic Japanese cuisine. The best restaurant for such is Nikkai located inside the Japanese Association Building. Sushi and Sashimi accompany the different selection of sakes.

And before you leave the city don’t miss home-style dining in Buenos Aires. For this Latin American pleasure, head to Cumana. The pot-stews filled with vegetables are a must. Large empanadas come out of the oven every few minutes. The lines to get in speak highly of the quality of food.

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