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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires Overview

Buenos Aires is not your typical South American destination. It was built and influenced by Italian and Spanish cultures. Today it’s a vibrant European-like city with a Latin flavor. Everything about Buenos Aires is a superlative. It’s home to the most successful soccer teams, the best beef in the world, and the most popular dance since the early 1900s.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and sits on the banks of the Rio del la Plata River. It was once the center of the social justice ideals of Juan and Eva Peron. During this period and from thereon until the later part of the 20th century, Argentina suffered through hard times. Today, it’s a politically and economically stable country. Its recovering economy is of great advantage for tourism as the exchange rate is very favorable.

Buenos Aires’ construction is very similar to that of Barcelona or Paris. The city’s landscape reflects the unique work of Italian and French masters of architecture. It’s not rare to find Baroque style buildings mixed in with French Neoclassic examples. One of these outstanding buildings is the main office of the Argentinean National Bank. With progress came a real estate boom and skyscrapers were born.

Buenos Aires has always attracted notable figures in literature, music, theatre and politics. Some of these include Fritz Tyssen, Francis Ford Coppola, and many others. The city’s dozens of museums and galleries reflect the passion of the Argentineans for art and history. But that’s not all that Argentineans are passionate about. Buenos Aires is home to the highest number of soccer teams in the world. The city has produced the most famous soccer players around the globe such as Pele and Diego Armando Maradona. It’s also the place to enjoy horseracing, polo and pato (a basketball-like game only on horseback).

Argentinean beef and its technique for cooking is world renowned. Asado is the name of the preparation method. This consists of placing the beef on a special grill (parrilla) or an open fire. Most cuts and parts of the cow are used and then served on coal-heated braseros (dishes). Chimichurri is served and used for seasoning the accompaniments. This consists of a combination of chopped parsley, oregano, garlic, onion and olive oil. Its flavor is unique.

Shopping in Buenos Aires is a treat. Beautiful avenues and malls boast trendy fashion as well as Argentinean products. Of these products, leather tops the list. It’s superb in quality and buttery soft to the touch. Indigenous handicrafts still remain an important part of the city’s tradition and of its will to preserve it. An example of this is the beautifully crafted textiles and woven carpets.

And of course, Buenos Aires is home to Tango, a sensual dance that arose from the neighborhood brothels. Once it was accepted by Parisian high society it became the rave everywhere else. Today you’ll find schools, street performers and national competitions. Tango is a reflection of the spirit of the country. It’s happy, sensitive and bold.


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