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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires Shopping

Buenos Aires is the place to find soft-buttery leathers, traditional indigenous textiles, hand-woven rugs and more. However, Buenos Aires shopping also boasts the elegance and panache of European fashion and high class.

Shopping Centers
The architecture and design of a Buenos Aires shopping mall is as unique as the fashion it houses. Galerias Pacifico is one of these beautiful venues. It was built by Paris’ department store Bon Marche in 1889. It was then refurbished and modernized. It’s still as impressive as ever. Its interior was painted by Argentinean artist Antoni Berni. It’s not only a great place to visit but a superb shopping destination.

Other fun shopping centers include Alto Palermo, Paseo Alcorta, Patio Bullrich and Abasto de Buenos Aires. These are the most frequented centers and offer reasonable prices for clothing, furnishings and jewelry. Remember that the exchange rate makes Buenos Aires shopping truly a dream.

Markets in Buenos Aires are also known as Ferias. The largest is the Feria Artesanal Alvear. It’s located outside La Recoleta Cemetery. Market stalls display hand-made ponchos, jewelry, original art and mate (Argentinean tea). The crafts section is the best of the city. It’s excellent for Buenos Aires shopping.

Another grand market is Feria de San Telmo where visitors can find unique treasures, tango and soccer memorabilia, antiques and collectibles.

Specialty Stores
Argentinean leather is among the best in the world. There’s no better place than Buenos Aires to find that special leather jacket or those fancy riding boots.

El Remanso claims to have the best quality leather in the city. Its collection of riding boots is remarkable. You’ll also find great souvenirs to bring home.

Casa Lopez is another popular leather venue. Here however, you’ll also find an elegant selection of handbags and shoes. Delight your senses in the scent of hide upon walking into the shop. Casa Lopez designers create beautiful leather jackets. Check the superb stitching.

Calma Chicha is another type of specialty shop. It’s home to the cow-hide patchwork. The selection of carpets is outstanding.

And of course we know you’re not taking a bathroom sink with you. But a visit to B A Designs is a must. Browse through the most innovative home designs and unusual appliances.

And if your teenager is in the mood for outlandish but affordable wears, head to Casa Rey. They’ll be able to find rare uni-sex and retro style clothes.

Art lovers from around the globe have heard of Centro Cultural de los Artistas. Its small gallery represents works by artists from throughout Latin America. This was the first gallery to open and remains the first in popularity.

And after you take that Tango lesson, don’t miss Club de Tango the best in town for memorabilia, CDs and sheet music. The reprints make interesting collectibles. Then make a quick stop at Darcos Tango; purchase the “special shoes,” that according to legend make you a great dancer.

Buenos Aires shopping is easily one of the highlights to this Latin American getaway.

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