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Burbank, California, USA

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Burbank Attractions

You don’t have to go to Hollywood to see the top stars, and Beverly Hills isn’t your only option when it comes to high-end attractions. In fact, Burbank offer plenty of exciting things to do, and who knows - You may even come across a movie star or two. 

If you want to visit a museum, you’ll find that the Warner Bros Museum is one of the best Burbank attractions.  It focuses on the memorabilia of films produced by the studio.  Visitors can go through the displays of props and other items collected throughout seventy-five years of history.  There you will also be able to see the four Oscars that Warner Bros has won and important icons everyone will remember.  Among these is the piano from the movie “Casablanca.”  

If you’re an airplane enthusiast, you’ll have a superb time at the Burbank Museum of Aviation.  It has preserved the area’s impressive role in the industry.  You can view the exhibits of photographs and mementos.

Burbank attractions allows for visitors to tour the different studios.  Of the most frequented is the Walt Disney Back lot and studios showcasing memories of fantasy films.  The building it’s housed in is a Burbank attraction of its own.  On its façade you can see an enormous sorcerer’s apprentice hat and letters that can be spotted from any place in the highway. 

And if you ever wondered how a television show is produced, head out to the NBC Studios.  It’s the only network that gives travelers the opportunity to tour its premises.  You may even get the chance to stay for the taping of the Tonight show with Jay Leno.  It’s one of the Burbank attractions you don’t want to miss. 

Another gem of the Burbank attractions is Universal Studios.  A tour of its lots will allow you to catch evening shows featuring current movies or have a grand time on the rides.  It’s more like being in a theme park.  Make sure to stop by the King Kong area. 

If you’re looking to enjoy a game of golf, the De Bell Golf Course ranks high on the list of most liked Burbank attractions.  It sits on a mountain allowing for players to take on the challenges of an18 hole fairway that goes up and down. 

Tip:  If you feel inclined to take up the sport, you’ll be glad to know that lessons are offered by qualified instructors. 

But if you seek other means of relaxation, the Burbank Spa and Garden is a favorite of Burbank attractions.  Walk through manicured lawns to serene surroundings where massages, body treatments and oriental therapies are available for anyone who wishes to enter a world of Nirvana. 

For those who are always searching for unique ways in which to celebrate their child’s birthday, the Sword Play Fencing Studio is ideal.  Here your kids get to participate in realistic games while learning the art of fencing.  It’s the venue where Antonio Banderas trained to play his role in the Mask of Zorro. 

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