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Burbank, California, USA

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Burbank Overview

Home to a rich a history of movie making and to venues that hold interesting artifacts from yesteryear, Burbank includes a number of important television and cinema studios.  It also features many glitzy California shopping venues and fine dining as well.  This fabulous city even rivals Hollywood when it comes to celebrity spotting.

Burbank has been nicknamed “the entertainment capital of the world” and rightfully so.  Visitors from around the globe come to Burbank to walk in the footsteps of actors and actresses.  They have left their mark in the back lots of studios like Warner Brothers, Universal and Walt Disney to name a few.  Travelers also get the opportunity to participate in live show tapings.  The most popular is the Tonight Show with comedian Jay Leno which takes place at the NBC Network premises. 

Burbank is not just a famous California city.  It’s known throughout the world and immortalized in films like Casablanca.  If you recall the airport scene, it was filmed at a Burbank locale.  Other movies include Mary Poppins and westerns like High Noon. 

Out-of-towners can arrive at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport.  And if you’re not going to rent a car, you can see the sites by metro or metrolink.  They’re both convenient and inexpensive ways of getting around. 

Burbank also allows for tourists to partake in its wealth of cultural activities.  Residents as well as travelers frequent the performances of the city’s Philharmonic Orchestra as well as those in local theaters.  There are an impressive number of libraries as well as lecture and gallery events.  There’s never a need to seek entertainment elsewhere.  Burbank is sure to impress. 

Burbank’s neighborhoods have been renewed with trendy shops, restaurants and cafes.  And throughout the last few years it has also received an influx of actors who have left Hollywood to make this their home.  If you’re driving through the city, make sure to see the interesting downtown area, the upscale shopping streets of the San Fernando section and the large Town Center shopping mall.  Visit the array of museums which relate the area’s cinematic past and present.  Don’t miss those that tell of Burbank’s role in the aviation industry. 

When it comes to dining, Burbank is a gem of the California culinary scene.  There are top notch venues where anyone can enjoy the ultimate gastronomic experience.  However, there are eateries that showcase simple yet excellent food.  In Burbank, you can dine on flavors from around the country as well as tastes from all four corners of the globe. 

Excellence is also a word that’s associated with Burbank and shopping.  The city’s selection of boutiques is unique.  In Burbank, visitors can purchase clothing and accessories that were once used in television shows and films.  In Burbank, collectors can find vintage music, books and memorabilia which they would not be able to get elsewhere.  Best of all, while the family plays at venues like Universal Studios you can go on with superb buying. 

Burbank is a great choice among America’s West Coast cities and offers visitors a large number of great attractions to check out.



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