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Cabo San Lucas Attractions

Aside from water sports and serious shopping, Cabo San Lucas is home to several important historical sites.  There’s also a long list of beautiful spots where nature enthusiasts and romantics can enjoy their time. 

Museums and Galleries
Of the most popular Cabo San Lucas attractions travelers enjoy is Museo de las Californias.  It’s filled with all types of artifacts, tools, photographs and maps that relate the history of Cortez’s expeditions in the 1500s.   

Another frequented venue by tourists is the Museo de Pasado Marino.  It tells the story of everything having to do with the past and present of fishing.  It also explains how it affects the Baja Peninsula.  Walls display the works of taxidermists and varieties of sharks hang from the rafters.   

Art enthusiasts will enjoy the number of Cabo San Lucas attractions featuring the works of local talented artists.  The Sergio Bustamante Gallery is at the top of favorites.  The establishment is named after the owner and renowned sculptor.  It’s filled with his works comprised of small and large pieces.  These include an exquisite jewelry collection with symbols of the sun, the moon and the heavens. 

And if you wish to learn about the indigenous traditions, you’ll want to visit the Huichol Collection Museum.  The section dedicated to the art of beading is a must see.  Galleries showcase finished products which are characterized by bright colors. 

Landmarks and Icons
El Faro Viejo is an old lighthouse built in 1890.  Its tower, which is 500 feet above the water, allows for the most amazing vistas.  There are also a few remnants of a shipwreck and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of the turtles as they arrive onto the beach to lay eggs.

The Church of San Lucas with its simple architectural design is an icon among Cabo San Lucas attractions.  Construction began in 1730 and it was not completed until 1746.  The site was established by a Spanish missionary who is said to have been killed by the Pericue Indians.  Historians explain that this occurred because they were resistant to his demands for practicing monogamy. 

One of the most famous Cabo San Lucas attractions is Land’s End.  The area is made of magnificent rock formations shaped by the years and the winds.  One of the prettiest passageways is known as the Arch of Poseidon.  As you stroll through, you won’t want to miss the Frailes where dozens of sea lions enjoy the sunshine. 

And of course as you walk around, you’ll come across the Town Square.  It’s a large area with a beautiful gazebo and displays of Mexican traditions.  It’s an ideal place for people watching or relaxing before heading out to nearby attractions.

West of Hotel Cabo San Lucas travelers can enjoy protected swimming at Chileno Beach.  Its crystalline waters offer great snorkeling.  And the array of natural coral reefs is perfect for scuba divers who get a thrill out of underwater scenery.  The beach is rarely crowded and you can rent equipment on site. 

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