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Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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Cairns Dining

No matter what your taste, dining in Cairns offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience, as you’ll find several different types of cuisines to please any and all cravings. Be sure to try some of the usual Australian delicacies to get a taste of what is eaten by the locals, but don’t miss out on all the other delicious treats you’ll be sure to discover throughout your stay!

Modern Australian
With so many restaurants in this city serving modern Australian cuisine, you’ll undoubtedly taste some of the local treats when dining in Cairns. Savor some of Australia’s native ingredients in culinary heaven at Ochre Restaurant, where you’ll find a wide range of superb dishes, or take a romantic and relaxing dinner break with Gondola classic, where you can delight in modern Australian dishes in a romantic setting among the tropical waters of far north Queensland. Try the finest dining experience at Tides BLD and Bar in the Shangri-La Hotel, or enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere at Hog’s Breath Café, where you can savor the mouth watering steaks and other fine cuisine.

You’ll find Italian fare is a popular option when dining in Cairns, as you’ll find a delectable variety of Italian cuisine waiting to awaken your taste buds! For some decently priced meat, poultry and seafood dishes along with the traditional pizzas and pastas, take a seat at La Porchetta Cairns. Or else come to La Fettuccini for some of the best Italian cuisine in a spot bustling with life! Be sure to try Villa Romana Trattoria on the Esplanade, or some of Cairn’s tastiest pizza at La Pizza Trattoria.

Seafood is another type of cuisine you won’t find a shortage of in Cairns, where you can enjoy some of the freshest seafood along with Japanese cuisine at places like Kamome Japanese Restaurant. While sushi is big in Cairns, you can also find seafood prepared in other styles, like at Splash Seafood Restaurant, where you’ll also be sure to enjoy the view of the Coral Sea.

Mixed Menus
When dining in Cairns, you’ll find a selection of restaurants that cater to many different tastes with a variety of different types of cuisine on the menu. Drop on into Casa de Meze for a choice among Italian, Seafood, European, Greek, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and even more where you can also enjoy salsa dancing and partying until 2 am on weekends (for all ages!). Try some delicacies at Specialties of Cairns, Eclipse Bar and Grill or the Fig Tree Lodge.


If you’ve been having a craving for the East, enjoy some Asian dining in Cairns at spots like Bayleaf Balinese Restaurant (where you’ll also find Indian cuisine), Tamarind (with a variety of different Asian dishes), or China at the Reef Casino for some tasty Chinese seafood dishes.

Other Spots
The city boasts many other types of cuisine, much of which you can find on the Esplanade, including but not limited to Indian, Greek, French, Thai and other International foods.

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