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Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo Dining

Dining in Giza can be a fun experience if you’re willing to try new things. However, if you prefer to stay with what you like, Giza offers a selection of international restaurants and fast food chains.

Egyptian cuisine is varied in products and flavors. You can enjoy beef, lamb and fish. You can also enjoy camel. It’s said that it has less fat than beef or mutton, and its meat is all protein. Among traditional Egyptian gastronomy, the most popular dishes include Mudammas, a large bean prepared slowly in a tomato-like sauce; and Koushari, a mixture of lentils, rice, macaroni and chickpeas, which is seasoned with tomato and garlic. Other popular dishes include potato salad flavored with lemon and garlic; oven fried cheese; sweet and sour okra; a pita like bread; and spicy chopped lamb or grilled lamb. Mint tea and Irea, a cinnamon drink, are the most popular beverages. This amazing variety of foods makes dining in Giza an exciting prospect.

Giza is a destination for enjoying great attractions. If you’re pressed for time or just crave some food from back home, large restaurant chains can be found throughout the city especially in tourist areas. Some of these include Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut. You can also find TGI Friday’s offering everything from burgers to steaks. It’s a great option for dining in Giza.

If you’re looking to enjoy a meal in an elegant setting, Khan El Kalili is a good choice. It’s been open for over one century. It offers dinner in a very nice setting. Specialties include lamb.

The Moghul room is an upscale Indian restaurant. It boasts well-decorated dining areas and superb curries; a must for a romantic dinner. For Japanese cuisine in an opulent setting, Furukama is great. Try the tempuras. The prices are reasonable.

Cleopatra Queen Restaurant is among the top for dining in Giza. This popular spot is not only trendy but offers international and Egyptian cuisine. The restaurant’s new chef prepares exotic meats with aromatic Egyptian spices.

Tip: Don’t miss the dessert platter with a selection of Baklava and other Egyptian treats. It’s the best place for desserts in Giza.

Several restaurants offer large buffets. It’s a great way for tasting different Egyptian specialties. The buffets also include international favorites like prime rib or roast beef. One of the most popular places is Rahoma Grill 55, on the way to the pyramids. The humus and falafel are the best anywhere.

Another great buffet for dining in Giza is the Sphinx Sun 2, offering a wide selection including their acclaimed green celery soup.

There’s always something new to try in Giza. There are small eateries and large international restaurants. Massimo is known around town its Italian cuisine. The spicy ravioli is a specialty of the chef.

Tikka is the choice for grilled meats; its décor resembles that of an Indian restaurant, but the food is continental. The service is excellent. Don’t miss the Turkish coffee. It’s a great finale to a meal.

Giza definitely offers variety.

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