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Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo Overview

Giza, just outside of Cairo, Egypt, is a world-renowned destination. It’s the site of the only remaining Ancient Wonders. It’s also the site of the most amazing monuments on earth. Giza is a must for all travelers.

What once was a far-away destination, has now become one of the most visited places in the world. This is mainly due to the construction of Pyramids Road and accessibility by air. Giza now has its own airport. You may also reach Giza from Cairo by bus, metro or even taxi. You may haggle with the taxi driver for a reasonable rate. Egyptian culture however, dictates that they first offer you a detour to a friend’s perfume shop, prior to delivering you to your destination.

Most of the city’s great accommodations, restaurants and shops can be found along the Pyramids Road. This used to be a dusty track leading from the city to surrounding villages. Giza has come a long way with the vast influx of tourism. Modernization has slipped into Giza’s society. The first signs came in the form of an upscale shopping center, boasting expensive boutiques. However, Giza is still a great place to shop. You’ll find markets, bazaars and specialty shops offering everything from clothing to papyrus.

Giza is located a few kilometers south of Cairo, on the banks of the Nile River. Even though it’s located in the desert, it enjoys moderate, comfortable winters, and only begins to swelter around May.

When you speak of Giza, you have to mention the Giza Plateau. The Plateau includes Egyptian Mortuary built for Egyptian royalty and sacred icons including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, large pyramids and temples. Despite rumors, climbing the pyramids is not allowed, as it’s dangerous.

The Sphinx, one of the most remarkable pieces of architectural mastery ever created, is a human headed animal, said to have been conceived as the sun god. It was carved out of one gigantic sandstone. Though it’s smaller than the pyramids, it’s just as impressive.

Other important Giza attractions include the Solar Barque Museum, located along the side of the Great Pyramid.

In the daytime, visitors can enjoy fun camel rides around the pyramid area or out into the desert. Another popular activity is horse riding. The best stables offer spirited Arabian horses. You may even ride out and camp overnight under the stars, enjoy a barbecue and fire.

Shopping is quite a treat in Giza. Specialty shops display great Egyptian souvenirs including miniature replicas of the monuments. The shops near the pyramids are somewhat pricier, but offer good quality. Traditional crafts include papyrus, ceramics, jewelry and perfumes. Giza is home to great fragrance shops; they create their own scents from floral combinations. Most of these shops offer chats relating to the process while you enjoy a glass of mint tea or Turkish coffee.

In Giza, you’ll also find great dining selections. You’ll find international restaurants, fast food chains and local Egyptian eateries. Egyptian cuisine is varied and offers choices like beef, lamb, fish and even delicacies like camel.


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