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Cairo, Egypt

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Cairo Shopping

Though you wouldn’t think of Giza as a place for shopping, it’s a great place to find upscale fashion and unique Egyptian handicrafts. Giza shopping also offers the opportunity to shop for unique signature fragrances.

A good idea is to stir away from vendors near the Pyramid Plateau. Prices always seem to be higher than those around town. However, you may haggle for a bargain and end up with a great purchase.

Vendors around town specialize in small gift items such as hand-carved wooden boxes. These make great gifts; some even have designs of the pyramids or the Sphinx. They make great mementos of such a unique trip.

Shopping Center
Giza shopping offers one shopping mall named the Al-Ahram. Even though it’s the only shopping mall in the area, it’s large and boasts upscale boutiques with the latest trends. You can shop for fine clothing, jewelry and accessories. The prices are somewhat expensive but you’re paying for original designs.

Markets and Bazaars

Markets and bazaars are very popular in Giza shopping. There aren’t too many of these; however, the stalls are open on weekends. You can find great bargains in clothing, antiques and ceramics. The bazaars also offer spices, herbs, teas, metalwork, and glass items.

Specialty Shops
The Wissa Wassef Art Centre is located two miles from Pyramid Road. It’s home to a museum but also home to an artisan shop. It’s a great place for unique Giza shopping, where you’ll find colorful tapestries, unique ceramics and batik fabrics. It’s a must for visitors.

Kerdassa is another great place to find authentic artisan work. It’s also a great place to find hand made scarves, rugs and weavings.

For the best Giza shopping locale for authentic Egyptian souvenirs, stop by the Papyrus Shop; they have a vast selection and hold interesting lectures on the creation of papyrus.

Giza shopping is also known for great perfume shops. One of the most popular is Karnak Perfumes Museum where essences are made from various flowers.

Tip: The lotus flower is a favorite among visitors. It’s light and fragrant, ideal for the day time. The amber scents are somewhat stronger.

The Jazmine Shahinaz Perfume Palace is another favorite of visitors. Here you can enjoy a lecture on the making of essences while sipping on mint or hibiscus tea. You can even choose a decorative bottle for your own signature fragrance.

Al Amir Perfume Palace, and Legends and Legacies are well known venues for Giza shopping. They too, create wonderful and unusual fragrances from flowers.

The camel markets are quite an experience. A visit to one of these is lots of fun and worth it. The most renowned is the one in Burkash, a picturesque area. It’s a place where you can actually purchase and sell camels at bargain prices. Food vendors will entice you to taste camel meat, a true Egyptian delicacy or to try a sample of camel’s milk. It’s said to be very nutritious and excellent in cases of food allergies. You can also find quality wool blankets.

Giza shopping is truly an exotic and unforgettable experience.

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