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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Calgary Dining

Dining in Calgary offers visitors a full range of different types of food from casual and affordable to high-end. Try out some of these restaurants for a taste of what Calgary has to offer.

No visitor should miss the opportunity to do some dining in Calgary at a place called the Bear Den. It’s a must see and a most unique venue. The rustic interior décor features carved pictures of bears along the walls. Large screen televisions feature the different species found throughout the globe. And every item on the menu relates to a bear topic. Although rustic, it’s an elegant and sophisticated eatery. The food will certainly not disappoint you either. Signature dishes include breast of duck, Bison from the ranges of Alberta, rack of lamb and buffalo. All these are creatively prepared and made to perfection. The Bear Den appetizer is large enough to feed two people. It’s described as the ideal platter to “prepare one for hibernation.” But once you eat here, you’ll want to come back, even in winter.

Another fabulous location for fine dining in Calgary is Teatro. Don’t be surprised if you see local celebrities or musicians waiting to be seated. Everyone’s heard that every entrée is an Italian delight. It’s housed inside an old bank which is historically important. It’s interior is not opulent yet attractive and chic. Among the favorites are the antipasti and carpaccios, especially of venison. For a main course, try the lasagna delicately layered with lobster and scallops.

Magazines have named Teatro as one of the best in Alberta. And among the featured dishes, the Bison spare ribs reigned supreme. They’re a good choice among all the outstanding options.


And if you’re looking for dining in Calgary with breathtaking vistas, Q Haute Cuisine is ideal. There are five elegant dining rooms to choose from but they’re usually packed. So make sure to have a reservation if you want to enjoy a memorable evening. If you sit by the window, you’ll have a most impressive view of Bow River. Most people request the chef’s taste menu. This allows guests to savor the different specialties of the Calgary gastronomy. It consists of three to eight courses. The lobster and tomato broth as a starter is beyond words. You’ll have an opportunity to taste wild boar. It’s stuffed with mushrooms and other secret flavors. Also on the list is homemade boar sausage, duck from the Brome Lake and scallops accompanied by goat cheese.

For those who wish to try something different, the Ouzo Greek Taverna is a fabulous choice. It’s another fine example of amazing dining in Calgary. It’s casual, warm and friendly. And best of all, it’s ideal for anyone with a conservative budget. The chef is from Greece so everything is authentic. Locals who frequent the place usually order the Santorini Platter. This island style dish features several items. The first one is a large size salad topped with fresh Fetta cheese. You’re then served lamb chops, sausage, spiced chicken and two long beef skewers. The wine list is as impressive as the food.



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