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Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun Attractions

Cancun is a place of adventure and relaxation.  It’s the best place to see ancient ruins or to check out modern architecture.  And at the end of the day, Cancun offers a world-class nightlife.  In Cancun, you can have it all. 

If you thought that this fun in the sun destination would not include first-class museums and culture, you’re wrong.  The Archaeological Museum is among the most visited Cancun attractions.  Its exhibits are comprised of priceless treasures that were discovered during excavations.  Historians tell us that they date back to the times of pre-Hispanic settlements.   

Tip:  Make time to visit the library, which specializes in books relating the traditions and history of the Mayan civilization.

Visitors also enjoy the National Institute of Anthropology and History.  It’s one of the top Cancun attractions and is frequented by locals as well.  It displays numerous collections of photography, sculpture and other works by Mexican artists.  There are also permanent displays by renowned foreigners.    

When traveling to Cancun, you’ll want to see Ruins Del Rey.  They’re small in comparison to other sites, but still impressive Cancun attractions.  Just knowing that they were part of an ancient Maya city is exciting. 

You’ll also want to drive through Kukulkan Boulevard where you can admire replicated pre-Hispanic sculptures.  And while gazing into the past, you’ll get a dosage of outstanding modern architecture.  You’ll see uniquely shaped buildings and even pyramid-like structures. 

While visiting the Cancun attractions, take time to enjoy nature.  Nestled amidst the resort area is the Interactive Aquarium where guests can swim with dolphins.  It showcases an astounding representation of species from the Caribbean Sea.  It’s said to be the most complete in Latin America.  

Parque Nacional Isla Contoy is another fabulous Cancun attraction.  You’ll want to spend the day hiking and admiring mangroves, beautiful flora and a varied fauna.  You’ll come across monkeys, birds and colorful fish.    

And another lovely venue for enjoying the afternoon is Park Nizuc.  It’s not just a place to play with dolphins but a learning center.  And if you’re in for excitement, there are large slides that lead into a huge swimming pool. It’s one of the favorite Cancun attractions among children.

Mexicans traditionally have strong religious beliefs and for them, the Church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen is an important part of the Cancun attractions.  It pays homage to the Patron Saint of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Take time to view the lovely altar and its décor and if possible try to attend a Sunday service to view the majesty of its pageantry. 

Another small but picturesque church is La Sagrada Familia.  It boasts a simple architectural design but it’s nevertheless one of the wonderful Cancun attractions. 

Upon visiting Cancun, you’ll gain insight into the folklore and traditions of the region.  You’ll find that important dates are celebrated in big ways.  Among the popular events is the Armada Parade which takes place on September 16th marking the date of Independence.  Other festivals include the day of the dead.   

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