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Cartagena, Colombia

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Cartagena Attractions

Among the music filled streets of Cartagena stand important historical landmarks and unique attractions. One of these has won the stature of World Heritage site. But Cartagena attractions are not just about its rich history. Its beautiful beaches are among the most visited of Colombia and the Caribbean.

The Museum of Gold and Archaeology is located on Bolivar’s Square. It boasts an impressive collection of pottery and golden artifacts of the Sinu people.   
The Inquisition Palace is an interesting Cartagena attraction, yet an eerie venue. The building’s architecture is typical of colonial times and is simply impressive. However, its interior houses tools used to torture and maim people. These date back to the infamous Spanish Inquisition. Other galleries of the establishment exhibit instruments used during pre-Colombian and independence times.
Casa de Marques Valdehoyos is representative of Cartagena attractions. This old house is a fine example of the way Cartagena was in colonial times. Take time to browse through the rooms displaying period furnishings and personal effects.
Historic Landmarks and Icons
A must see among Cartagena attractions is the Clock’s Door. Its importance lies in its symbolism. The door represents a Cartagena of yesteryear. This site connects the neighborhood of Getsemani to the rest of the City. In this neighborhood lived all the slaves who were brought from Africa and who later claimed their freedom.
Plaza of the Carriages was of much importance. It was the place where people sold and purchased slaves. In the center, visitors can see the statue of Cartagena’s founder Pedro de Heredia.
Bolivar Square is one of the most recognized Cartagena attractions. Dotted with trees, this beautiful icon is homage to Simon Bolivar who liberated Colombia from Spanish rule. A statue of the hero on his horse sits at the center of the plaza. 
Cartagena’s cathedral is truly a must see of Cartagena attractions. Its beautiful exterior has withstood the test of time as well as innumerable attacks by pirates. It was finally completed at the beginning of the 17th century. When you see it, you’ll think it’s a fortress.
Another icon of Cartagena attractions is the Church of Santo Domingo. It’s the oldest in Cartagena and retains a colonial look. It also survived many attacks.
Of the most renowned Cartagena attractions is the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas. This is an astounding fortress. It was built by the Spanish to protect the city’s shipping and slave trades. It’s not just a massive fortification, but the greatest ever built. Visitors should not miss a tour of the tunnels. These were built in such manner that one could hear footsteps coming from all directions. These were also constructed to bring in supplies.

Above this majestic place is the Convent of La Popa. A trip to the top is worth the breathtaking vistas of the city and the ocean. Inside you can visit the museum and the church of the Virgin of Candelaria. This is said to be the patron saint of Cartagena’s people.
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